• Bigot Gays Douse Innocent Crowd With Pepper Spray, Dozens Injured

    August 29, 2010 4:30 pm 32 comments
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    Gays are wild and dangerous, attacking whoever dares protest their frilly homosexual antics. The most recent victims of gay mob violence were innocent people from a small Kansas church.

    In a shocking display of hate crime, a rough group of gays attacked an innocent group of normal people — mostly comprised of innocent elderly women and children — and jeered as they doused the frightened the traumatized group with a Grade 9 Pepper spray, a police riot-busting caliber.

    The gays apparently did this because the group was using their Freedom of Speech, which is guaranteed protection under the First Amendment. And while all gays are hellbound felons before the Lord, standing in breech of the Bible’s commands on sexuality, these gays can also add ‘hate crime’ and ‘denying an American their constitutional right’ to their list of crimes.

    One gay-supporter even allegedly did a black gang style ‘drive-by’ in his pick-up truck, shooting a large amount of pepper spray from his vehicle as it wildly drove by, further endangering the members of the church.

    This crime is the latest in an ongoing series of crimes where gays are targetting innocent, normal people, for just using their Constitutional right to stand up for proper American values. Gays believe if they can intimidate people for standing up for American values and freedom of speech, they can pass their gay agenda to legalize gay marriage, exploiting children into their home and making it all part of America’s normal culture.

    It remains unconfirmed how many children were injured in this latest gay attack.

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