• Bigot Gays Make Protest Signs, Then Upload Their Video To YouTube

    August 24, 2010 1:19 am 20 comments
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    Each and every gay, the word “gay” is becoming more synonymous with “bigot”.

    Liberals will flap their arms in frustration and get dissheveled by my even stating this fact, but let’s look at the subject.

    Normal people in America want peace and quiet. We want our children to go to school and get good marks. We want our kids to graduate, do some dating and go to college, after which they will get married and have a family of their own.

    This process is peaceful and the way its been in America since the nation was founded. Every mother and father, who have created their own child, have a natural right to put their child in public school and not have them forced to experience things such a gay people and their lifestyle.

    Gays want to change all of this. Gays think that just because they believe a man can have intercourse with another man, that our children should be forced to accept their choice and talk about it in elementary school.

    Gays want conversations such as this to take place on the playground:

    Your Son: “Hey, Johnny, why do you have two dads but not a mommy?”

    Johnny: “My ‘Man'” daddy said that if anyone asked me that, to tell them it is normal for two boys to kiss each other and stick their privates in each other in the back parts.”

    Your Son: “Really, I don’t think that is normal. I feel uncomfortable.”

    Johnny: “Remember in health and counseling class, that Mrs. Thompson said it is okay for me to have two daddies? That you have to think this is normal, because it is?”

    Your Son: “I remember that.”

    Johnny: “You want to sneak behind the bleachers and kiss and then play backside snake hole because it is normal like my daddies and teachers said?”

    Your Son: “Okay, since Mrs. Thompson our teacher and your parents said it is okay, I’m sure we should because it will be fun and normal.”

    This is what gays want and it’s not right. They want our children to accept the gay lifestyle as normal and think it is risk-free, when it really is a perversion that has no right being discussed around our children.

    If we allow gay marriage and gay adoption, our schools will have to teach our children about gays. Children as young as five in kintergarden will have to know what makes gays different from normal people, then they will have to be taught about backside or front split sins for lesbians. Gays are bigoted because when we tell them we don’t want our kids exposed to such things, they just call us names and do it anyway.

    Look at this video. You will see gay after gay holding up bigoted signs and trying to get our children into their sick lfiestyle.

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