• Bill Cosby Is Not Dead, Just Another Liberal Media Rumor (Twitter Tweet Confirmed)

    August 2, 2010 6:08 pm 6 comments
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  • Bill Cosby just tweeted us on his Twitter to let us know one thing: he is not dead.

    In the latest liberal ploy to garner headline attention, the racist liberal media tried to scare not only the Afican-American community, but also America itself, as they claimed one of the most beloved comedians of our lifetime, Bill Cosby, was dead.

    In addition to surpassing many cultural boundaries through his work, Bill Cosby is a great humanitarian and realist. Bill Cosby has even joined with great African-American leaders such as Oprah Winfrey to decry black kids who think it is great to wear baggy clothing, looking like dire fools with their pants on the ground and lack of discipline.

    This is just another example of the rampant hypocrisy and derision by the liberal media. They are trying to divert attention away from two blacks who are in hot water: Charlie Rangle and Maxine Waters.

    As Charlie tries to use the connections he forged when he was over the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Maxine Waters is on trial on three counts of ethical wrongdoing. She is basically accused of using her office, the one the people of America have trusted her with holding honor unto, for personal gain of unethical nature. Savage and uncouth.

    So the liberal media is trying to influence search headlines of the black community, making their questioning of the health of Mr. Bill Cosby the preiment topic, while hoping this situation with Maxine Waters will just float away.

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