• Black Chicken Anger: Black Mcdonalds McNugget Rage

    August 12, 2010 8:27 am 8 comments
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    The Afro-Americans love fried chicken. It is within the black genome, to like fried greasy foods. Every race has tastes: the whites, being great organizers, love the tastes of healthy salads and freshly sliced turkey sandwiches, with perhaps a side of fresh fruits. This is because God blessed white people to be responsible and understand that instead of a malt liquor, it is probably better to have a refreshing iced water for the nourishment of the body.

    Then there are the Asians. The Asians are pretty smart and frugal, so they enjoy foods like plain rice and tom tom phooey young because in their families, much like the Mexicans, they may have up to 20 people in a very small house space. Unlike the Mexicans, the Asians are good with math and numbers, so understand calories from things like greasy burritos and dirty stuffed swine flu tortillas is not really good for the body, this is why Asians are usually small and even sometimes in the busoms it’s hard to tell Asian male from the Asian female.

    Then there comes the blacks. Oh my. Only months ago, I showed everyone the black anger that becomes exposed if a restaurant runs out of fried chicken. In that video there was even a black that had on a business suit or even a doctor’s suit, and even lost composure when faced with the loss of fried chicken. Blacks are a carefree people by natural desisgn. They don’t really care too much about numbers or their diets, so therefore love salty, greasy fatty foods. This is why 9/11 Afro-Americans suffer from sugar diabetes and heart disease.

    This is why when sometimes you go to Walmart and such, you will see a very large black women with a backside of ridiculous sin and proporation. This is cardinal sin of full gluttony, eating of the fatty food groups, which really, you can’t fully blame the blacks because it is in their genes to eat like that and grow to such unhuman sizes.

    But I digress. In today’s video, we see a black and she is very angry. So you should probably figure, her chickens is gone. She was just in her car, a normal customer. She was all happy and carefree, naturally. She made her order. She asked, “Please give me the 50 McNuggets for $9.99 special for me and my family. Thank you.”

    Then the McDonalds worker in the drive-thru said, “We are so sorry ma’am. We are out of chickens.”

    As I have warned, these are not words you should ever say to the black people. They will lose all composure and their anger shall be exposed. It could be Barack Hussein Obama.

    “Pardon me, but do you have any more chickens, sir?’ If you say no, he will lose that watermelon grin and Harvard suit will give way to flying fists and burning ire!

    It does not matter. Let’s look upon the video for more evidence:

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