• Cat Unties Woman’s Bra, Tries To Lick Woman’s Milksacks Then Meower

    August 16, 2010 7:27 am 12 comments
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    Cats are Satanic creatures that overpopulate this world. Liberals always try to argue that cats are not vermin and for some bizarre reason, deserve to be left to endlessly mate and multiply.

    Before getting to today’s lesson in how Satan uses cats and cat owners are more prone to fall into sinful thoughts due to this fact, I want to first review a scientific diagram I have prepared.

    Please feel free to share this science. It documents why cats are a danger to our ecosystem and how when we find cats, we should put them into animal shelters that are known to do what is necessary — that is exterminate — these vermin. Their population boom will upset the delicate balance of local flora and fauna in your local biomes.







     Figure 1.1:  Population Boom of Cat Vermin

    Now that you have a better understanding, look at this video. This cat cannot resist the thought of temptation and fornication. Its owner was simply minding her own business, laying on the floor with a proper brassiere in the comfort of her own privacy.

    The cat saunters up to her and delicately unties her bikini and then you can see it getting riled up with sin by Satan. The cat tries to hit on its owner by licking her milksacks. Then as if this wasn’t bad enough, the cat proceeds to continue down to the secret place and unveil it, to do meowing sins and who knows what!

    This is of Satan and I could only wish I were involved here, because the sharks of the ocean would have had kitten on the menu.

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