• Children Given Candy in Pill Bottles, Parents Shocked and Scared

    August 24, 2010 10:16 am 37 comments
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  • The gays are at it again, using their meticulous hands and crafty minds to find new ways to subdue and corrupt our children. This time, panic as gays have found a way to take ‘playing doctor’ with our children to an entirely new level. You will not believe what they have done and it will shock you.

    It was just another day for Carrie Albright, a mother of three from suburban Massachusetts. Carrie is a charge nurse at a local hospital, her husband, a petrol engineer. As she returned home from an overnight nursing shift, she checked into the bedrooms of each of her children. On her oldest son’s, aged 11, nightstand she saw something that overwhelmed her:

    “It was a pill bottle”, reports Albright, who says her three kids walk from school to home every day, a journey of only 7 neighborhood blocks. “His name was on the side of the bottle, with a doctor’s name that I never heard of. The bottle said, ‘take twice by day, by mouth’.”

    When she woke up her son, he said that he and his siblings stopped by a Wal-greens grocery and pharmaceutical store on the way home. In the store, they said a ‘man in a white coat’ stopped them and said he was their mommy’s doctor, and needed their names. Albright’s oldest volunteered his name, and the ‘doctor’ told them to wait in the store where they would be safe, then he would come back with ‘medicine’ mommy forgot to pick-up in the pharmacy.

    The ‘doctor’ came back with the pill bottle and told the boy to take some on his way home, then later that night. When Albright looked at the remaining ‘pills’, crying and calling her husband, she discovered one thing: “They were Pez candy.”

    A New Child Exploitation

    Albright’s eerie story matches the same stories being uncovered by investigators, assigned to look into this disturbing new trend. Nearly two dozen similar reports have come into investigators, from parents who allege that their children are receiving ‘mysterious’ bottles of pills, with their names on them, from pharmacy stores near their homes.

    Albright’s account, frightening to say the least, is not the most severe from all reports given. One mother, who speaks under condition of anonymity, reports she found an empty pill bottle in her daughter’s panties and socks drawer. The outside of the bottle had her daughter’s name on it, and the instructions said, “Glycerin Modules, administer two by anal route – suppository, by day”.

    When the mother demanded to know where her daughter received this bottle, she said she was shopping for candy at their local drug store. A “doctor” in a white coat walked up to her and asked her name, and her friend’s name. He then said, “Your mom was just here, you were supposed to pick up a medicine you need to take before this school year starts!”. He brought her the bottle and asked if she ever had to take a suppository. The mother alleges her daughter did say ‘No’.

    The ‘doctor’ then asked her if she would like help taking her medicine, and she said ‘Yes’. He then purportedly went into the bathroom with the girl and delivered the medicine, telling her to come back the next day and same place so she could be healthy. He told her not to tell her mother, ‘or I will have to charge her a very expensive fee, and she will be upset. I will do this for free as long as she doesn’t know’. The mother reports her daughter was unsure and uncomfortable, but since the pills were in a bottle and his white coat said Dr. “” on it, she trusted him and by the time the mother found out, it had been 8 days.

    Authorities fear for the worse, and it is obvious that these attacks are part of a new gay agenda. Statistics show that for every one gay, four children are abducted and exploited. Gays constantly seek a way to exploit children over time while keeping them healthy, yet psychologically subdued.

    By acting as a doctor or pharmacist, they put themselves in a position of authority over children. They are using drug stores that children frequent as their base of operations. They fill pill bottles with candy, building trust with children and making them less likely to tell their parents. They then, according to sources, plan to gateway these children to more addictive substances, making them dependent. For older children, they take advantage of their rising hormones and confusion, then do things like administer pills that will have a euphoric affect.

    These gays silently slip in and out of stores, the only evidence of their crime being pill bottles with fake labels. The only ones left to blame for these crimers: the innocent pharmacists at these stores, who likely know nothing about these exploitations.

    Investigations are ongoing and so far, nationwide, it seems the New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas are affected, though as other predators find out about this scheme, they will implement it within your neighborhood.

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