• Chinese Boy Lin Chun Yun Steals Whitney Houston’s Voice, I Will Always Love You

    August 27, 2010 11:54 am 5 comments
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    Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers of our lifetimes. Her voice, at times soft like the whispers that resonate upon the wing of angels. That softness, however, could just as smoothly crescendo into a magnificent wave of glorious sound and splendor, inundating the ears with torrents of blissful harmony and melody.

    For years, people claimed that it was simply drugs that ruined this woman’s God-given voice. As a young woman, Whitney married a slicked thug named Bobbie Brown. He was in a group called Boys two, men. They sang rap songs about drugs and violence, which caught the attention of Whitney Houston, who was probably allured by the ‘bad boy’ image of Brown.

    Long story short, Houston did fall into a sad lifestyle but through our prayers, is on the road to recovery. She is getting her life back together and is no longer in a drug-sin marriage, but oddly, her voice has yet to return? Even though she has now turned from wickedness, the voice she had at marriage is gone?

    This cannot happen to a voice like hers. It is a natural gift, so cannot just be simply taken by drugs. There are dark forces at work here and those forces are named the Chinese, in the Chinese state of Thailant to be particular.

    There are an ancient clan of Chinese witch doctors who live in Thailand: they are named the Yun dynasty. They have mystic powers that are borrowed from demons: ventriloquism, miming, idol puppetry and even induced spirit summoning.

    Worst of all these, however, is the Chinese ability to mimic. We have seen them copy Christopher Walken, President Bush and even Big Daddy Weave. The Chinese can mimic anything America does it seems, and then peddle it off in their black markets without copyright rights!

    As I reviewed the new show “America’s Got Talent” for the AFA TV review, I came across a boy on the show named Lin Chun Yun. This immediately sent warning bells of in my mind. I did the standard procedure: pray, annoint and order the wife/children out of the room.

    I then watched what, my friends, put chills down to the spine of my soul. I could not believe my ears. Somehow, this Chinese Thai boy has stolen the voice and strage presence of Whitney Houston.

    Much as the Chinese have stolen our greatest God given secret gift, the nuclear bomb, this boy has used his devil powers to syphon the talent right out of Whitney Houston from some 4000 miles away.

    Let’s look at this timeline:

    Sept. 2, 2009: Whitney Houston gives a comeback concert, audiences are shocked as she sounds like a papery old drunken Chinese yusagi master in the movies. No longer is her pure, crystal smooth voice from God present.

    Sept. 3, 2009: Lin Chun Yun uploads his first video to Thailand, China Youtube, named, “I Will Always Love You”. In this video, his voice and facial expressions are that of the most talented African-American diva of all time. The problem is he is portly Chinese boy with a mop-top haircut.

    And it has been the same from that point on.

    Just look at this evidence. This Chinese boy is masquerading around with Houston’s talent, stolen by his ancient China demons. Let’s look at the facts and don’t forget Sharon Osborne is related to another walking evil, Ozzy Osborne so it goes to show she invited this boy on the show:

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