• Chinese Scientists Create Pandagators

    August 17, 2010 1:52 pm 53 comments
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    Genetics is a burgeoning field of science that is allowing mankind to do unnatural things.

    Last week a mother wrote into us, because her son had to go to a specialist for hormone therapy. The beta cells in his pancreas were failing and instead of going the route of diabetes, the mother and son tried out a new experimental drug. Long story short: the boy began growing a pig snout from the swine recombinant DNA, cut with the restriction enzyme EcoR1.

    Day after day, there are more stories like this. Scientists have the ability to somehow use drugs and direct injections of codons into split genetic material to create hybrid animals. They are so good that now they can somatic cells or germ line cells: it doesn’t matter.

    Due to the GOP, America has retained morality and not fallen into the trap of decadence. We have refused sin and declined to participate in bizaree genetic experiments. There was the scare of the Borneo Montauk Monster, but through investigative research we were able to track this animals creation down to a Canadian-lead endeavor, aboard a research ship on international waters.

    The worst culprit in genetic perversions are the Chinese. The Chinese already worship mythical creatures such as dragons and anime chinchillas, so it is no stretch to see they are trying to create new beasts. The Chinese dream of the day when they ride their cache of bizaree animals into America and their beasts are able to rip our ecosystems asunder and then do all sorts of nasty things to our people like eat us.

    Here is their newest monster: they call it a pandagator in Cantonese (and in Mandarin it translates allanda). This animal can climb trees, which aleady makes it dangerous enough.

    It can also swim but has the combined strenth of a panda bear and a bayou gator! There is nothing more dangerous in nature that I can think of other than a satanic housecat, so please pray that all of these animals are wiped out because I will be shining my shotgun and ready to send them back to hell should we cross paths. Amen.

    This is also more proof of why we should make it law for it to be illegal for China to:
    1) have nukes
    2) have science
    3) factories
    4) cities that are too big
    5) armies

    If they violate any of these things, we should reserve the right to nuke them and every other country in the UN/NATO should be required, as they are right now, to follow our command and do as we tell them in war. It is how we operated in WW2 and it is how we operated in Iraq. We defeat terrorists through unity, with America leading the way,

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