• Douchebag Boyfriend Lets Baseball Hit Girlfriend At Astros Game

    August 12, 2010 8:49 am 11 comments
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  • “It was caught in the lights.”

    These are the words of a weak “man” who was reared in a generation that has no respect for hard work and respect. This is the type of person who is the harbringer of doom for the American male and why our economy, our infrastructure, our nuclear family and worst of all, our God-ordained system of government is failing.

    In the following video, we can see a bona-fide douchebag has taken his airhead girlfriend to a baseball game. Whatever.

    The things is this: somehow this girl apparently had a premonition. She purportedly told her boyfriend, “A baseball is going to hit me at this game.”

    The boyfriend responded, “Hey babe, no worries. If a ball comes towards us, I’ll catch it for you.” Moments later, here is the scene:

    Notice how I’ve labelled the douchebag, he’s dodging a baseball. He is dodging the baseball because he is weak. If this were an image from World War II, we’d see this little dandy sashaying about Germans, begging their forgiveness and giving up the positions of his allies, probably wearing a pink skirt and serving them cookies and polishing their ‘boots’.

    This is the type of guy we have here. The girlfriend, even after being struck with a baseball, seems pretty oblivious to everything. Go figure, some women are not very bright.

    There’s not really too much more to say here. We see the future of America. Guys who can’t even take a baseball for their women, and the woman oblivious to everything. Go America.

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