• Drug Deals Push “Yes To Proposition 19” To Legalize Dangerous Weeds Like Magic Mint

    August 27, 2010 6:38 pm 16 comments
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    Magic mint. Leuko hooka. Juicy salviate. Ganja. These are but a few street names and derivatives of a dangerous Mexico produced drug named ‘weed’, or more commonly, “Marijuana”.

    The drug is very dangerous and highly addictive. Every day, millions of addicted people use this drug. Addiction is a disease of the dopamine-reward center of the brain, and just like with alcoholism, it tears away at the body and mind. Mariujuana users face a host of emotional and physical problems.

    Every year, marijuana kills and destroys the lives of thousands of young teens and college aged Americans. Is your child, friend or even yourself addicted. Please let Amber know and call 1-800-886-4886 to get help today.

    Just last month, over 11 million people used marijuana. Scores of other used its most dangerous derivative, magic mint, which hedge shop owners claim “smokes like pot, feels like LSD”.

    These dangerous drugs are often downplayed in the dangerous somatic affect they have upon an individual. Even after one inhalation, the following emergent cardiorespiratory/neurological trauma marker symptoms become apparent:

    -Bloodshot eyes
    -Faster heartbeat
    -Sensations become more intense
    -Hunger may be felt
    -Dry mouth
    -Homicidal ideation
    -Incontinence of Urine
    -Slurred, impaired speech
    -Lowered inhibition
    -Loss of control
    -Loss of memory
    -Loss of coordination
    -Reaction time slowed

    As if this battery of tragic symptoms was not enough, last year, over 4,000 people died from magic mint overdose. The more hedge shops and distribution centers of this dirty drug proliferate, the higher the incidence of forced rape, high school drop outs and gun violence. This events are in direct relation and correlation, with marijuana use being the causal factor in the increase of these tragic things.

    As a parent, your heart races in fear and panic. You do not want your child to die from marijuana use.

    Yet, even today, marijuana users worldwide stand behind a dangerous new law called “Proposition 19“. This proposition will give stores nationwide the right to sell marijuana. It will force all hospitals to give out marijuana to peole who claim they ‘suffer’ from glaucoma or AIDs, as if a medical condition could ever warrant the legalization of such a dangerous substance.

    Liberals who support this law try to make it enticing, claiming we can ‘levy a tax upon marijuana sales and use’. Who in their right mind would sell out their children, or even their friends, to the dangers of marijuana, all for a quick buck?

    Where is the heart. Where is the love, people. It certainly is not in Mexico. You see, like most dirty things that plague America, “magic mint” marijuana takes its origins in Mexico. There are literally millions of potential Mexican farmers, who will go into heavy production of marijuana should we allow this death drug to become legal.

    Only last week, over 1,000 people were found dead and buried at the Mexico/USA border due to dangerous drug wars over marijuana. Imagine this spreading into your town, your neighborhood.

    Marijuana is the most dangerous of illegal substances. Say no to Proposition 19. Say no to a culture of death.

    If you or a loved one suffers from marijuana addiction, we stand here to help you overcome it. Please, email me at askamber@christwire.org, and for even more immediate help, see our resources at marijuana-addiction.net”>. This is a matter of life or death, so let’s step into the light of sobering glory today.

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