• Enraged Father Threatens Christwire With Lawsuit Over Daughter’s “Fag Hag” Status

    August 1, 2010 9:35 am 111 comments
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    Since our publication of the investigative report, “The Fag Hag: How a Girl’s Misguided Friendship Choices Can Lead to a Lifetime of Loneliness,” many have emailed Christwire to express their concerns and terror. One letter writer in particular was so disturbed that we had revealed the secret dangers of the “straight female/gay male” alliance, that he could not contain himself. He took to his computer and demanded the article be suppressed. His fears were so profound that he even threatened:

    “If you fail to this immediately, I will consider taking appropriate legal action & report your organization to the appropriate government agencies that monitor websites.” –Letter to Christwire, July 30, 2010.

    While the article did touch on a very difficult subject for parents today, I believe in the long run the truth sets us free. We must admit the crisis of Christian female reproduction rates in the country as hordes of illegals lay claim to our land. We must admit the crisis of masculinity as parades of gay lifestylists lay claim to what it means to be a man today. From our virile, horseback riding heartland heroes to our men in uniform so gallantly forgoing the fairer sex to spend cold nights bunked up on the far ends of the earth with nothing but a steamy shower and a freshly-oiled rifle to keep them company, lurid desire challenges us on every side.

    But things are changing. Concerned parents are crossing all boundaries– geography, class and even religion– to join hands against the gay influence on heterosexual wellbeing. Whether you’re Jewish or Baptist, a big city lawyer or a small town farmer, there is a consensus among patriotic Americans that homosexuality is wrong and that young people should avoid being contaminated by it. The danger of having your precocious daughter connected with homosexuality should, by any moral Christian standard, constitute illegal defamation of character. I would add endangering the welfare of a child, libel and gross indecency to this list. Sadly, the courts do not recognize this fact and, for now, being publicly accused of associating with homosexuals is not illegal.

    To those fathers who fear the truth of my exposé, I suggest that you would be better off dealing with your problems at home rather than attempting to sue a strong-willed Christian community into some vague sort of legalistic submission. While others may scoff at you because of your daughter’s “fag hag” status, I implore you to be strong. You should be far more worried that your child may intentionally avoid bearing you grandchildren so that she can spend more time in the fizzy orbit of her fierce and carnal gays. Yes, being labeled a woman who spends time with those sorts of people is indeed “derisive,” but that term does not yet have legal standing when it comes to accusations of homosexual fraternization. So I must inform you, my concerned letter writing father, that I can offer no “retraction and apology” for using our Constitutional protections of Free Speech to share my Christian-American values with the world.

    On a final note, I’d like to remind parents to get involved in lives of their developing daughters (my three essentials: sports, friends and dermatological care!). Teach your girl that sassy shopping sojourns for Gucci sunglasses will never plug that spiritual hole in her soul. Teach her that “bitch fights” between high-pitched boys in tight jeans are not spectator sports, that late nights spent sharing creamy facial masks with homosexual friends will only result in libidinal displacement. And finally, teach your daughters that outrageous pool parties filled with disco boys writhing in sweaty synchronicity may seem fun for a moment, but when the buzz of chlorine and vodka cranberries wears off, she may find her only heterosexual companionship in the form of a latex blow-up doll whose chest hair is far too rubbery to ever emulate that rough edge of manly passion that so many truly crave.


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