• Facebook Reveals Emma Watson Turns into A Boy

    August 6, 2010 8:12 pm 18 comments
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  • I told everyone this would happen! Harry Potter has corrupted cute child actress Emma Watson and now she is a boy. I saw it on her Facebook!

    Shock! You liberals out there sit with mouth agape, as this once beautiful girl now has a boy’s haircut. FOr years now I’ve warned all you low-lifes that Harry Potter is literally the devil and that nothing good would come from allowing Mr. Rowling to produce this work in America.

    I told you all to ban and boycott, it, now look. The blood of the innocents is on your hands!

    Was it not proof enough when we saw them do Satanic chants or have a scene where young Harry Potter tried to dally a girl ghost in a locker room? Was it not enough to see there was a gay wizard on the movie that invited the boys over to play magic wands?

    Now we see the true agenda of this movie is like I’ve already told you time and time again, Satan worship and gay agenda. We see Emma Watson has now fully fallen to the latter. It was bad enough that the boy from the movie, Harry Potter, was caught doing a play where he mounts a horse with no clothing on and tries to act like that is normal.

    Now today, as I checked on everyone’s Facebook to see if there was anything suspicious they are doing in secret, I find this. Emma Watson exposing a boy’s haircut on her once pretty face. I bet her parents weep along with the rest of us, the lesbians are trying to claim yet another victim. I bet American Idol’s Ellen Degeneres being in the spotlight and around Hollywood didn’t help at all either.

    My friends, this is the end result of Harry Potter. Unless you want to turn on your daughters Facebook one day and see this shock and awe, I implore you do the right thing and say no to Harry Potter. Even the stars of the movie, who know the script, are being corrupted. Just imagine what it can do to your own.

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