• Gay Agenda Launches New Weapon: Lady Gaga, Crowd Surfer

    August 10, 2010 8:19 pm 21 comments
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  • The gays are organized like never before. Their gay agenda now reaches into every walk of life: music, movies and even the television media.

    It was only twenty years ago, when gays like Ellen Degeneres announced her gayhood, and therefore, we forced her little sin-hording sitcom off national television. But now the requisite snippy office gay and even a gay judge is a necessity on every television show. Where did we go wrong, America?

    What scares me more than anything, it’s the fact that the gays are recruiting more and more talent to their agenda. Back when things were more safe, the gays only had musical acts Liberace, Elton John and that one guy from the Three Tenors. Their music was all out of touch, they were either sloppy or sweaty with fat, or in Elton’s case, just too eccentric, to really be a threat to youth.

    But now, we have shows like American Idol who make kids glamorize gays like Adam Lambert. In this year’s America’s Got Talent, we see a opera singer who dresses like a British dandy and calls himself Prince Poppycock. And more dangerously, the new singer who calls himself Lady Gaga and has lushes up front!

    Lady Gaga is the gay’s ace in the hole, their diamond in the rough. Lady Gaga has the body of a fit woman, all accept in one area that he keeps heavily veiled. The gay’s idea here is to entice boys to think, “Wow, this is making me excited with sin” when they look on Lady Gaga, then they turn on MTV to hear reports, “Gaga may be a man”, which makes them confused and ripe to be dallied by a gay from behind, then think that is normal.

    Some parents out there say I’m being alarmist. I receive emails with such comments every day and even more on my personal site, Twiiters and Myspace. But here you me. I am not! Look, I have gathered evidence.

    Recently, the gay agenda ordered their prime agent Gaga to strip to his bare body at a concert, and then throw himself into the crowd and let fondling take place. When you look at these pictuers, you can tell some of these children are no more than 12 or 13 year olds. I see even a few elementary school students on there, touching up the bosoms and rump of Gaga. Even copping a feel of his fake milksacks.

    Now parents, tell me, how is this appropriate? What does all of this and the bad words you hear in the video have to do with good music? You never saw John Denver or Michael Bolton do these things, and they were very popular artists. The only thing going on here is the gay agenda, exposed and raw.

    I’m not going to issue a warning. I want you parents to take responsibility and sit there, with your wives and children, and explain to them why this is in. Let them just see it and get it out of the way.

    Gay Agenda, Act 1:  Lady Gaga Entices With Stripped Crowd Surfing

    Here we can see Gaga is already wearing hooker clothing.  Notice how young the people are in the crowd, and you can see already their eyes are glossy with sin.  Unnatural fornicated thoughts are crossing their minds.

    Many are also already using their iPhones to take pictures and video, where they instantly upload to YouTube, Twitters teets and Facebook so their friends can get a live shot of the sin-fest.  This means that instantly, Gaga’s gay agenda ploy is working and spreading through billions across the planet.

    The gays are brilliant strategists and viral marketers.  Just look at all of the advertisers they have recruited at this ‘concert’.  This just proves how we must double our efforts in blocking their agenda by getting FCC control over all transmitted images sent by at least youth under the age of 21.  It should have to be reviewed first or sent through an automatic image filter technology, blocking images such as this with exposed rump bodies.

    Gay Agenda, Act 2:  Lady Gaga Lets Children Brush Faux-Whispering Eye/Rump/Satan Scepter

  • Look where the hands are grabbing.  Right where a woman’s fertile secret place, the whispering eye, should be.  With Gaga, it is widely suspected that what’s really there is a devilrod.  The crowd of young men is so confused they do not care, but just reach to touch it, along with the rumps and the milks. 

    Parents let their children go to these things.  They treat their college kids to tickets to go to these gay orgy rests with their friends, not knowing the gay agenda is using this opportunity to confuse their minds and also make them unaware marketers for their agenda.

    Gay Agenda, Act 3:  Scent of Sin

  • Here we see a young man’s face is getting up close and personal with the gay agenda.  It is a case of literally looking into the eye of the beast.  There was a philosopher, named Friedrich Nietzsche, who once said: 

    When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. Nietzsche

    This means that when we look deep into something, we must be careful for we can become that ourselves.  The gays are naturally good at the arts and writings, so kn0w this fact like the back of their little foul fecal scented hands.  So what they do, is have their new performers gyrate and expose their sins, so just like with this poor young man, they get a good look at their favorite thing on Earth.

    They then hope that Nietzche’s philosophy will kick in and they get to claim another victim of their agenda.  My friends, the gay agenda is the most dangerous, ominious abyss of them all.  It is always lurking:  on our children’s schools playgrounds.  Television.  Music and movies, trying to get them to look into it and become it.  This is why we must never allow gays to marry or to let their lifestyle seem normal:  it will destroy mankind.  Do not let your children look into the abyss, parents and friends.

    Gay Agenda, Act 4:  Winning the Crowd

  • Arms outstreched.  Mouths agape in cheer.  This crowd has been won; man and woman, girl and boy.  They all now cheer for Gaga’s sin and I bet a good 2% of them were corrupted and now think the gays are a normal people and it’s okay to be just like them.

    We must remain vigilant, my friends.  We must stop gays from recruiting more and more people.

    We are at a societal breaking point. There are still enough people of right mind and heart who hate gays and abide by the Bible, in doing everything possible to let gays know they will burn in hell and God does not approve of their choice to live a life encrusted in sugar-plummed anal sins.

    Gays all need to know this and know the fear of God, so they will choose to live right. The more we have people like Gaga, indoctrinating people to the gay agenda at such a tender age like those in this crowd, the more souls we will lose to Satan.

    Let’s look at this video and you can tell there is a Satanic presence here. It must be just like how it was in Soddom and Gamorah. Let’s look and please all pray. Pray until the day we have no more gays. Amen:




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