• Gays Invent Scrotum Handbag

    August 21, 2010 2:26 am 25 comments
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    The gays are sick people who love to prey on children. How scary is it to know that for every one gay, for children get diddled and back bothered. The stats are frightening and well-researched. Now they are making a land grab for married men!

    That is the scrotum handbug, released by gay fashion designer Bijou Turneau. The gay agenda is getting more obnoxious and brash in its antics!

    They are now targetting normal men and trying to distract them from their wives. They know women will buy this bag because they have placed a shiny pearl on it and it’s famous like Prada, Dolce Cabana and Gucci. These are all the overpriced bags your daughter whinges about and tries to make you buy for Christmas, now there is the Bijou Scrotum Bag.

    Gays want you to, buy, for your wife and then as she carried it all day, you just sit there looking at these sindangles swaying off her shoulder. Since it is on your wife, it naturally catches your eyes so you are just thinking about brown hangdowns all day and before you know it, you are fixated. That’s the gateway gays want to your mind.

    Gays want normal men to be fixated on scrotum that is no your own. They want you to think about other scrotums and see them, and not find it gross and disgusting. The fact that they are on your wife and you still keep looking makes it no better.

    These sick hellbound savages will burn for their gay fashions and trying to make all normal people queer. Forbid your wife from buying these bags and your daughters as well.

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