• Geeks vs. God: Best Buy Fights to Suppress Free Speech of Priest Who Called Himself the “God Squad”

    August 16, 2010 7:33 pm 69 comments
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    Father Luke Strand only wanted to serve his faith. A beloved Catholic Priest who devotes all his time and energy working for a small community center in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, he is the epitome of the humble Christian. Seeking to reach out to a young audience with the message of love and devotion, he created an oval emblem for his Volkswagen Beetle in 2008. It read, “God Squad.”

    Best Buy, the nearly bankrupt billion-dollar electronics company, has long made a name for itself enforcing severe dress codes and copyright claims. Because their products break down with such regularity, they offer a service called the “Geek Squad.” They take great pride in this little side business of theirs, but would it be even necessary in the first place if their products operated as advertised? And what is this service but a thinly disguised opportunity for awkward teens to exact revenge on the older generation? Their desks are always staffed by minimum-wage young people who stomp around importantly in their blue shirts, telling you to wait forever as they stare into computer screens, most likely playing online fantasy games or else they’re off texting in the breakroom. And when you do get to speak with one of these fellows, they act like you’ve been shot from a cannon from the 1950s, brain damaged and all, just because you can’t locate the internet browser on your PC.

    In this particular case, Best Buy sent a team of lawyers in the most threatening fashion imaginable to force poor Father Luke to cease and desist. They claimed he was robbing them of business and sullying their important name. Alas, Father Luke is not a rich man, he has no millionaire barristers in his rolodex. He did what the best of us has to do in times of great strife. He walked to his little car and removed the “God Squad” emblem, forever robbing the people in his community from that tiny touch of inspiration that might have turned them towards the loving embrace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    stephenson billings best buy

    You could argue that maybe Best Buy was simply ashamed of being associated, even if by happenstance, with Christian morality. But maybe we are seeing something more significant here than a vague matter of copyright. In many ways, this fight symbolizes the drama in this country between Christians and technologists, between faith and science “theorists”. The bias of the younger computer generation is well known. They trend towards atheism or else extreme forms of liberalism where everything from gay rights to drugs are accepted. We have a huge cultural divide in this country right now, between children in their teens, 20s and 30s who have not learned hard work or responsibility. We are living in the worst economic times since the Great Depression. We have a president who has lost faith in American greatness, who has no clear foreign policy agenda and who has failed to inspire the people of this country.

    On the other side, we have men like Father Luke. Heroes and moral leaders! We need their strength and their joy if we are ever to retain the primacy that is the United States of America. Who are these corporate lawyers to tell us that faith does not fit into their boardroom version of free speech? This is a far larger issue, this is the fight to save the souls of the 300 million people who live and breathe in this country. These cretins at Best Buy should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for harassing and tormenting a simple Catholic Priest.

    Have we really lost all sense of direction and love in this country? Are we going to let a bunch of nerd squad kids threaten and mock us into silence? Who are they in the first place? Show your faces and let’s see what this geek army is made of! Are you afraid to expose your kiddie porn collections and computer hacking, your time wasted chatting around the world with strange men, the depths of depravity you are only promoting by adding yet more and more filth to the internet each day? This is exactly the sort of thing our moral leaders have been warning us about for years: atheists have found the newest and most perverse ways to spread their hatred of God and to bring down America. These are your socialists, your liberals, your computer geeks, your teenage outcasts, your haters of love and liberty and faith and God. Their sickness is profound, their sickness is America and sex and drugs and the death of everything that once made this country so incredibly great, and there is only one cure: accepting the Savior and accepting him now.


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