• God Causes Ominous Hurricane Earl To Loom Toward East Coast

    August 31, 2010 7:38 am 14 comments
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  • Hurricane Earl on the prowl. It moves.

    God has already upgraded the power of his hurricane’s wrath to Category 4, which should have all sinners scared. Now, according to latest reports, God has but swirled his pointer finger a little faster and it is a Catergory 5!

    A category five storm has not been seen since 2007, when God created Hurricane Felix to punish the gays. He’s doing the same this year.

    I’ve issued warning after warning, and God is even so mad he’s blowing up volcanoes in Indonesia as well, so beware you whores. The wrath is coming and I will cheer for each gay who marinates in hell, today!

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    Reverend Clyde H. Higgins You're all sinners in the hands of an angry God, a spider dangling over the burning flames of hell and only protected by one silk thread. God has scissors ready and hates those who spin webs of sin.

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