• God Continues to Burn Russia with 500 Miles of Fire

    August 1, 2010 11:01 am 23 comments
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  • Russia has continually angered God through the years. Russia has supported the Arab states! Russia has stood against the Catholic Church! Russia has dared defied God and America!

    Russia embraced atheism.

    All of these things are enough to invoke the full wrath of God, but Russia has taken his anger to an entirely new level by supporing the terrors of Iran and North Korea! Russia has dared to threaten America, saying there would be consequence to pay for America attacking either of these terror nations, by the order of Heaven!

    Russia is a Soviet nation who eminates the stench of Satan’s sulfur! These people allied with Hitler until it was convenient to not do such things, and then had the audacity to claim half of Germany for themselves after Americans, my oldest brothers included, laid down their lives and fought to free the world from NAZI tyranny.

    Now God is repaying them for their sins by scorching their nation with fires that burn as hot as hell! Report:

    Russia is experiencing intensifying wildfires amid a heat wave and strong winds, the country’s Emergency Situations Ministry said.

    More than 128,000 hectares (500 square miles) were burning as of 6 a.m. Moscow time today, the ministry said on its website. New fires are appearing as temperatures in central Russia approach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and winds reach 20 meters per second (45 miles per hour).

    God is simply blowing a soft stream of his wrath breath, and look at the consequence. This is just but a taste of what God can do. A simple huff of steam from his nostrils wields breathtaking winds of 45 miles per hour! Russians cannot even calculate such things! Their temperatures reach a searing 104 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to burn even the coldest Russian heart until it only beats in the lowest depths of hell!

    God has now spread his wrath over 500 miles! That is 1/6th the entire with of America! It would be the equivalent of a fire burning from California to New Mexico! Glory!

    Fourteen regions have declared a state of emergency after wildfires engulfed entire villages, leaving 28 people dead and thousands homeless, state-run broadcaster Rossiya-24 reported today. Almost 30,000 rescuers are battling the fires, aided by 18 aircraft, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry.

    Moscow has already broken several heat records this season and a drought in agricultural regions has scorched more than 10 million hectares of cropland. High temperatures of at least 36 degrees Celsius are forecast for Moscow in the coming week, according to Gidromettsentr, the state weather service.

    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is due to meet with governors of regions affected by the fires tomorrow. He traveled to the Nizhny Novgorod region east of Moscow on July 30, promising inhabitants of the village of Verkhnyaya Vereya that they’d receive state compensation and their homes would be rebuilt by winter.

    30,000 Russians cannot even quench the wrath of one simple, casual huff from God. He simply cleared his nostrils and now Russia is in a state of emergency, where their combined forces cannot even quench one flame? What do you think would happen to them if God decided to blow a long puff of steam at them?

    How long do these people think they would last before begging and weeping as their teeth gnash in the lowest depths of hell? What if God orders America to firebomb and nuke them just as he ordered us to do to the Japan-NAZI alliance, to bring an end to WWII?

    My friends, let us pray the Russian stop being Soviet communist and atheists. These are the type of people who support terror and stand against our American will and laws for every country on Earth, and therefore, they stand against God himself. Let us pray Russia turns its heart to light and abide by the order of America, for not only the sake of humanity, but for their people as well.

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