• God Strikes Brazil with Cataclysmic Fire Tornado, Gay Adoption To Blame

    August 27, 2010 11:15 am 14 comments
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    Deuteronomy 32:22For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.

    Buenos Aires, Brazil – Shock and awe in Brazil, as bewildered citizens try to flee perilous torrents of swirling fire, the products of an unprecedented rash of fire tornadoes that have scorched the cities and countryside of Brazil.

    Women and children flee in panic, as even liberal news sources admit that this fear-inducing display of cataclysmic fury is straight from the Book of Revelations. Millions are reported missing as scores of others tearfully lament their homes and family pets were last seen dramatically sweeping into the air, consumed by the massive pires of fire wrath descending upon the lands.

    Gays are to blame for all of this. Near the beginning of time, Adam and Eve committed original sin by eating of the forbidden tree. In response, God cursed man to be the provider of the home and for women to be burdened with giving labor to all of her husband’s children.

    Now even today gay men are cheating the system. God never intended for a home to have the lavish lifestyle provided by two men, joining together in powerful two-man salary households powered by their RN nursing degrees and posh administrative secretary jobs. When they are ready to have a child, they simply hire a woman to be a surrogate mother and then raise the child in a lifestyle of sin and no moral grounding, no appreciation for the financial struggles that should face a true one-father family.

    Gay women (i.e., the lesbians) homes are no better, with the participants joining a union of clam-dabbling sins and then trying to adop a child from a normal couple, as if two women can afford to raise a daughter or son, let alone provide them with the firm discipline and stern love only a father can provide.

    The Bible warned it. The Bible warned that God would fling fires from the heaven if gays did such things, and no look at Brazil. Scorched Earth. They are being scorched for the sugar-plummed fecal sins of all these gay couples who are now allowed to adopt children.

    ChristWire Digital Media: Rare Fire Tornado Captured in Brazil

    Brazil – This video captures but one of many dozen fire tornadoes that swept across Brazil today, wiping at all homes, buildings, cars, pets and even people in is fiery path. Millions of people attempted to flee Brazil, as seen in video, while many were stuck and perished in the struggle to escape. Gays are to blame, for they violate the natural order of mankind and brought this Armageddon weather upon Brazil.
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