• Harry Potter Wears Shocking Black Hotpants, Sin Skinsuit to Premier

    August 12, 2010 6:16 pm 54 comments
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  • Harry Potter showed up to the premier for his new movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and we can see this child is now dressing in sinful girl’s clothing.

    The crowd was shocked and jeered as Harry Potter stepped out, wearing a form-fitting skinsuit that showed of a suspiciously feminine, curvy body. Potter also purportedly received Lasik surgery, for he was without glasses and made comments about not even ‘needing contacts’ to see all the shocked fans who showed up to the premiere countdown.

    It is very sad to know that the gay wizard, Dumbledore, was able to corrupt young Harry Potter. He probably found him on Hogwars playground one day, and said, “Do you want some candy after this scene?” Harry Potter said yes, then met Dumbledore in an old, abandoned trailer on one of the lots.

    Since in the movie the try to make playing with magic wands normal, Harry Potter here had no idea that when Dumbledore said, “Let’s play magic wands” that it should have sent up red flags and by wands Dumbledore was using euphemism for playing satan-scepters with each other and Harry doing some “magic tricks’ with his wands. This is sick and why gays love Harry Potter, because it makes it easier for them to trick children.

    The movie has the right name. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, because wearing a girl’s clothing and exercising your body so it looks like that of a young woman is basically steps 1 to 2 of how to get a first class ticket straight to hell, where you will burn and sear for all time. There is no spell, not even a frigid ice winter’s cold front from Alaska, that can break the eternal heat-spell that you will endure in Hell.

    Look at these images. Harry Potter is so happy to be ‘out’ and flaunting about London, thinking he’s a girl and showing off his skin to try to tempt boys and girls to come see this dangerous movie. Somewhere in the background you can bet Satan squeals with delight.

    Parents, as has been the case for now the last half decade, Harry Potter is a very dangerous book series. The book’s author is a British guy who does not care about the well-being of your child, but only about lining his coffers with the blood diamonds that is the soul of our children.

    If that wasn’t enough, we know all the stats. After seeing Harry Potter, the risk of a girl catching teen pregnancy increased from 2% to a shocking 63%. The risk of experimenting with drugs and alcohol a whopping 18%. Harry Potter movies make it seem like it’s normal to be friends with gays and not have them try to dally you, like that is something to expect when in reality, for everyone one gay, four children get dillied. It is a sad and true fact and these movies try to obscure these realities from children, encouraging them to partake in a dark lifestyle of blood rituals, vampires, wizardrly which leads to premarital relations, pregnancy, desperate drug seeking, disease and then death.

    Keep Harry Potter merchandise, movies and books out of your home. Punish your children for seeking or having it, and let it be known you have zero tolerance for this movie. Just imagine if your son came home in the outfit Harry Potter is wearing, with the musk of a musty trucker eminating from his body. Don’t let your sons turn into little diner whores.

    Deny Harry Potter’s entrance into your homes and the lives of your children.

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