• Head Of Taiwan LCD Company Barred From Leaving US, Possible Brainwashing and Price-Gouging

    August 22, 2010 9:04 am 6 comments
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  • Brainwashing is a psychological military technique, with origins in remote locations of China and lesser Asia. During the 1960s, American military officials were able to obtain extensive knowledge of these techniques and use them to better prepare our troops with a pending war against Chinese/Japanese/Viet-Cong/North Korean forces.

    Today another Asian nation, Taiwan, is in the headlines for alleged potential attempts to brainwash American youths via LCD display lights. The Taiwanese company in question Au Optronics, and its company lead is being barred from leaving the US until officials can figure out how the company convinved Americans to buy its technology at such ridiculuous prices.

    Considering the origins of the company, the most obvious answer is “Brainwashing”. The price of brainwashing the youthful minds of America: war.

    Please read the article above and if your child has any products associated with this company, please immediately take them to a psychologist to ensure they are not in a Asian tech buying trance. A good sign of if they are is finding an excess of Asian things such as Nindendo Wii (with multiple games) or a large collection of anime DVDs (beware that anime is Japanese for pornography) or such files littering their computer. You can tell by the Japanese sounding name.

    Your children may also be obscessed with high-dollar cell phones with flashing external lights and brightly flashing LCD screens. These are the chief object under monitor right now, and could be altering your child’s mind — from early kindergarten up to college — to have a fixation on Asian culture and buy their products at any price.

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