• Herminone Looks Like A Boy, Image Evidence

    August 7, 2010 5:33 pm 14 comments
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  • Parents were all warned. I personally issued several moral alerts and even organized a boycott with CC and AFA. I even made an email action alert list so you parents could be warned every week. Still, not everyone listened and now you all feel a panic because we see one fact, Harry Potter has turned a sweet young girl into a boy, before our very eyes.

    In that image is Emma Watson. She was a sweet young child actress who sadly was allowed to be a star on Harry Potter, playing Hermione Granger.

    How said is it that this young girl, so sweet and pure, is now looking like a boy? I bet Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga and now even Elena Kagan sit in their lesbian layers, sifting through these new images and licking their chops.

    Months ago, we saw the signs that something was wrong. On her 18th birthday, Hermione showed off her sindabbles to a camera and to tempt boys. We later saw her standing in the rain, in a white dress, so her milksacks could be exposed in an ‘accidental’ manner. These were not accidents but just her handlers making her do these confusing things, so they could entice sin and use the fornication factor to sell more Harry Potter tickets.

    Now we see having had all these thoughts pushed into her mind while she was young, poor Hermione is now confused and messed up in the head. These confusing thoughts are giving her lesbian habits such as cutting one’s head like a boys. Let us keep praying for her and hope she does not fully convert her belief system from normal to hellbound.

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