• Hillary Clinton Snaps at Innocent Student, Hypocrite

    August 2, 2010 1:10 pm 7 comments
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  • Hilllary Clinton is a female politician who will not hesitate to cry like a schoolgirl, all to try to garner the sympathetic vote. As some of my colleagues are fond of saying, do not be fooled, for this act is being conducted by a veiled wolf in the proverbial sheep’s skin.

    As most female politicians, Hillary’s hide is as course and tough as the phenotypic alleles that potentially provide beautiful traits, gone rigid. Let us look at her true contemporaries: Janet Reno, Madeline Albright and Elena Kagan. These are tough women, through and through.

    Sure, liberals out there may contest, what about women like Sarah Palin, a natural beauty? Let us be honest here for a moment. Palin is not the sharpest tool in the shed and can get by on adorable personality and riling the conservative crowd by presenting hot-bed issues, usually grating with the Democratic left, and she is good at working media. High-end intelligence and political maneuvering, based on techniques praised in political academia and perfected by only the most stalwart senators on The Hill, is not something we will be seeing from Sarah Palin.

    That is to say, Palin is not a bright woman, exactly. She is, however, fun to look at and is very cute.

    Hillary, however, is shrewd. Her tears are as bitter and biting as that of a crocodile, only eminated so she can lure you in for the kill. Once in office, you would be better off on Ambasol and naked in a cage full of rabid, angry possums and swarming honey bees. Hillary Clinton is a tough woman who weathered the Clinton ‘presidency’ and his adulterous ways, New York political stymies and to this day, makes tremble the boot of any political rival. She is known for her tough mouth, potentially elitist put-downs that verge on classism and racism, and really, has as much chance for producing natural tears as the next bitter, grizzled trucker you see at your local diner.

    I say these things today not to besmirch female politicians, but rather start to get something engrained in your minds for the upcoming elections: just vote for the most sensible guy. Sure, most women who run for office will be past menopause, so at least we do not have to wonder about the shameful week of complete irrationality for these females.

    The problem is that women are still fickle and you never get a good middle ground contestant. Sarah Palin has her morals mostly intact, but she does not have the biting knowledge and command needed to navigate the waters needed for presidency. Her capacity to serve as our nation’s astute commander in chief, respected for brain power and not bust power, is slim to null. On the other end, Hillary Clinton is metaphorically akin to the lesbian police officer who may pull you over for going 4 miles per hour over the speed limit.

    They saunter up to your window, tough and walking like a cowboy in a Western. They rap upon your window and in a curt manner, ‘pull out your registration, now.’ They do this to feel in control, though such unfriendely, coy commands are not needed.

    They enjoy their authority and over-compensate with displaying it as such, because all through their lives they have thought they had to do such to get to where they are at. Hillary Clinton’s nature is trending, dangerously, to shrill and combative. She is reaching a stage life like many other women of her make-up — that is to say past middle-age, savvy and learned, yet rugged — have reached. She is a Judge Judy with more bite; a dangerous Jewish type grandmother on the prowl, and would use the Office of President as the judge’s seat.

    There is no middle ground in women politicians, and America needs a good, moral man like Jeb Bush to step up to the plate in 2012. Just to reiterate the point to those who thought about Hillary in 2012, should Obama/Biden resign or be impeached, or 2016 if not, please watch the following video. This is the same treatment any little mischievous shlemiel would get for being ornery or obnoxious, but really, this is just not very nice. We would all, including the leaders of other nations, be on the receiving end of such diatribes and swats by angrily wielded wooden spoons on a daily basis. Frightening.

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