• Hitler’s Demon Roams The Earth, Topples Anne Frank’s Joy Tree

    August 24, 2010 12:49 pm 14 comments
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  • Liberals consistently claim there are ghosts that roam the Earth. They have populized the show “Ghost Hunters” where the hosts use things such as Ouiji boards to summon what they are calling ‘ghosts’ at various locations. The hosts of the show, Jason and Grant, claim that these spirits are not harmful and just ghosts and residual haunts.

    Nothing can be further from the truth.

    Ghosts are actually demons, escaped from Hell or let loose for a season. Satan is allowed to do this and it’s Biblical, much as he is allowed to test our faith much as he did Job.

    Today we found proof that Satan released one of his prized demons from Hell, Hitler. Hitler was sent to hell because he ordered Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor and stand against America. He did this falsely in the name of humanity, also claiming himself to be a “Christian” when he was in fact a standard, spiteful atheist. God blessed America to crush Hitler and he’s burned in Hell ever since, for daring to order his troops attack American soldiers.

    We can see that today, Hitler roams the Earth. There was a sweet Jewish girl, named Anne Frank, who wrote a diary during World War 2. She hid in an attic for a very long time, before she was discovered and taken to an internment camp.

    There was one thing that kept Anne inspired: an old chestnut tree. The tree remained for years as a monument, and yesterday, a random storm and demonic tempest arose in Germany. It said the smell of spent flak cannons filled the air and when the storm cleared, the chestnut tree had been blown to shreds.

    This is clear evidence that Hitler and his armies still bide their time in Hell, waiting to gather with Satan at Megiddo, in one final, losing battle against God. All things formed against God shall fall, yet, the hordes of Satan have hard hearts and will burn for all time.

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