• Hurricane Danielle Path, Simple Warning Shot With 85 MPH Winds

    August 25, 2010 9:20 am 4 comments
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  • The East Coast of America has grown haughty over the summer months. It has regaled the Obama and Clinton family as they live out their regal fantasies and has made no real effort to stop things such as gay marriage or abortion.

    Fortunately, the courts did order to stop Obama’s dangerous efforts to legalize stem cell research.

    It is a well known fact that many phenomena and storms of nature are directly related to things we’ve done as a nation. This fact has proven itself time and time again since the earliest recordings of mankind.

    Earlier this year we saw God explode several mountains and volcanoes, and even cause a tsunami in Asia, due to things like gay marriage and unordained nuclear arms proliferation. These are things against the laws for humanity, and therefore, warnings and an ultimate punishment are given when we stand in contempt of God.

    Today people on the East coast are already awake and nervous, for only a few hundred miles off looms Hurricane Danielle. I prayed about this storm and know that within two days, it will dissapate. The winds will max out at around 200 miles per hour, then it will go back up into the heavens and into the water cycle.

    What’s going on here is a warning. God threw a spacerock at us last year as a warning shot, right around the time the gays first got gay marriage in California and Obama stole the election from McCain. He does these types of things as a clear sign of his wrath and yet, showing his mercy and willingness for us to get time to change and do right.

    Here is the Hurricane Danille Path:

    As you can see, this is taking a miraculous, unnatural pattern and turn to avoid any land, showing that it is a clear warning shot. The path of the hurricane makes out the shape of a war horn, which in ancient times were blown before an army of morality descended upon the lands of sodomite sins. This is a warning, America.

    That shape of the path is not an accident, it is the trumpet of the angels of heaven. They prepare to unleash a fall and winter of hell for America’s coasts and more, if we do not: demand no gay marriage, start putting an end to abortion, wipe out illegals and put Iran/China/North Korea and more where they belong. We continue to pressure Obama until he goes back where he belongs, out of the White House and writing inspirational books for urban youths, anything but what he’s doing now and that’s standing against God and country as a terror sympathist.

    Friends, the signs are clear and God sends his warnings. Don’t make him unleash his fury this fall and winter. You have heard the message and have been warned. The honus of responsibility now sits upon your shoulders, America. Do what’s right.

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