• Japense Baseball Player Uses Devil Powers to Make Most Amazing Catch You Will Ever See

    August 5, 2010 6:22 pm 13 comments
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    There is a certain reason why you shouldn’t let certain ‘types’ of people play American sports: they cheat. And they will use their false devil powers to do so.

    We’ve all already seen the time African golfer Vijay Singh used his Satan powers and Islams magic to cast a very unnatural hole in one. It wasn’t even subtle like when you pray and an angel will perhaps flutter his wings to make a teetering ball subtely fall into the hole. No, it was moving all around like it was possessed and you can see Satan’s obvious hand there.

    Now once more, we have a Japanese baseball player who is sullying up an American game by tapping into the supernatural and it is not heavenly. This Japanese baseball player is using his Satan powers to climb walls and rob hard-working opponents of homeruns. It takes much practice to hit a fastball or perhaps a knuckler deep into center-right field, and yet we see this Japanese has made his alliance with Satan and can climb a wall like the Spiderman!

    You see when you pray to God and heaven for help in sports, when they help they are subtle so the experience is not ruined from everyone, there is no ruining the suspension of disbelief. Footballs sail upon light gusts of winds from a God puffed heavenly zephyr, while a basketball may softly roll around on the rim before dropping in for that last second three pointer.

    But here, no such thing. Just watch and demand your wife leave the room before witnessing this act of Satan.

    EMBED-Spiderman Style Baseball Catch – Watch more free videos

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