• Jessica Alba Does New “Nude Art” Movie Named Machete

    August 24, 2010 10:32 am 21 comments
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  • Sicko Hollywood director M. Night Shalayamanana put Jessica Alba on the map with dangerous films such as Transformers.

    This film was about robot evolution, designed to make kids think that one day, we can transform ourselves into giant robots who fly across the universe and create life. They tried to make kids think that instead of God creating all life and existence, it was actually a robot named Optimus Prime.

    The Constitution expressly forbids such things, as it is not legal to indoctrinate children with false religion, yet the writer and director of Transformers did just that, trying to convince kids that the lie from the Church of Scientists (believe in evolution as God) is the gospel truth.

    They also committed one other crime: selling fornication to our children. If you reviewed Transformers, you will notice that in between every seen, the feature a woman in skimply clothing. That woman’s name is Jessica Alba and she is nothing but a veiled temptress.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9572652″]

    There you have her, just take a look. Exposed legs, loose dress, loose morals. She teases with her short skirts and who knows what else up there.

    This is the person they drenched in oils and had frolic across the movie screen, all with giant battles of Armageddon with evolution robots and gobots and every other type of sinful robot that not even the Japanese could concoct.

    Now she is doing a new children’s movie named “Machete”, being advertised on children’s sites like Nicklodean, Cartoon Network and Comedy Central. They say it’s a good time for the family, but like all of her movies, it will just be another skin show. Keep your children away, parents. Here’s more on the issue:

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