• Jessica Alba Using Her ‘Accidental’ WhoreDemon Parts To Promote Gay Sins

    August 30, 2010 3:15 pm 43 comments
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  • Jessica Alba is the twin of Olivia Munn, exposing her sintreats to children so that they can lead all to sick things and she’ll get paid for it.

    Only weeks ago, we found out she sold her body out to M. Night Shalamlama and did a porngraphs movie called “Transformers”, about gay robots who “transform” genders and try to make kids think people who are transgenic (gay transgenders, lesbos and such) are cool, neat and normal! They are all one in the same, gays who will burn in hell!

    Jessica Alba has no care about that! She just lets them do whatever they want to expose her body and then let the power of lust overpower the minds of impressionable teens who do not have prayer power or resolve to overcome such things.

    Now this week, we see Jessica Alba has again sold her soul. She has sold herself out to The Gay Agenda. Gays are crafty and they can never resist a chance to corrupt children, so what better way than to use the actress young teen boys who have seen her exposed fantasize about when Satan secretly whispers to their bedroom ears at night.

    We find that Jessica Alba is helping promote the Gay Agenda by making boys think about backside sins. As our friend Dan Nordgren has scientifically coined it, the SN2 Homonucleophillic backside attack. A concerted mechanism that leads straight to hell!

    Gays want boys to dream of rump roast sin sizzles. They want boys to think it is normal for a man to stick his Satan scepter right into their devil whole, like these were made for each other. Therefore, gays know boys want to see backside sins and have hired Jessica Alba to seque them into thinking about it!

    They want boys to start thinking of the backside and doing all sorts of sins to it. Jessica Alba was hired to play the “oopsies’ game.

    “Look at me, boys. I’m climbing up these windy stairs. Oooopsies! I done forgot my sinknickers and oh no, look, my stick stacks backside attack!”Warning: The following image media contains photographic evidence of a celebrity Jessica Alba displaying her rumps in accordance with her pictorial contract with the gay agends. Immediately order your wife/children to leave the room before reviewing. Pray before reviewing this image for your parenting group.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9612397″]

    Look it it! Sin whore! I have circled the sin and the gay agenda is clear as day!

    My friends, God really does hate gays. They are very resourceful and will use any method to make boys think about the rump humps, and then dallying.

    I hope gays know that Satan loves a rump roast, and his favorite thing to do is have it marinated in the juices of gay fecal sins. He loves the foul stench and loves evern more when he hears the screams of gays being seared in hell for all eternity!

    Jessica Alba is the dangerous actress and now is selling out to the gay agenda. She is even doing a lesbian movie named, Machete so that more women will be tempted to clam dabble.

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