• JetBlue Steven Slater Tragedy Reveals Need for More Strict Federal Aviation Power

    August 14, 2010 6:01 pm 7 comments
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    Only days ago, passengers aboard JetBlue Airlines — taking off from JFK Airport — faced tragedy. A belligerent flight attendant, Steven Slater, was about to do the unimaginable.

    Everything started when a petite female passenger upon the JetBlue flight decided to check her carry-on luggage, stored in an overhead compartment. The luggage was very odd-shaped and heavy. This caused the passenger to her to lose her grip, being a cute, petite mother of several children.

    This one act sent the JetBlue flight attendants into an inexplicable rage. Steven Slater went as far as getting on the PA system and launching into a verbal tirade, all aimed at the innocent female passenger.

    From there, he then proceeded to go into the airplane’s fridge, where he grabbed a cold can of beer. He then said, “That’s it, I’m outta here!” and activated the plane’s chute, which he used to slide down and exit the airplane.

    Frightened passengers, assaulted with the surprise of the situation, sat, hearts racing. Terror struck again and this time, from an aggressor who could not even be screened.

    We have recreated the footage of this very scary event, that could happen to any one of you:

    ChristWire Digital Media: Recreation of JetBlue Terror Flight at JFK

    The Need for Tighter Aviation Control

    The Federal Government needs more power to ensure our safety aboard airplanes. 9/11 proved this simple point.

    This incident could have involved a terrorist. The terrorist could have done anything and then escaped on the chute, running to his freedom, only to live another day to bring terror to more airline passengers.

    To safeguard against such things, America must upgrade its airline fleet.

    Airplanes should all have digital cameras that feed straight into the FAA and the Department of Homeland Security. We should hire numerous new agents to work for the DHS, watching the feeds of every single airplane in America.

    Each of these planes should have mounted-Tazer cannons, which would be controlled by the remote agents at the DHS. These agents could then shoot tazer fire at any suspicious attendants, passengers or stow-aways.

    In addition to increasing the safety upon our nation’s planes, it would also create more jobs: something Barack Hussein Obama has failed to do.

    This project’s starting cost to arm our nations’ private fleet of aircrafts can be subsidized by increased taxes on oil imports from terror countries, in addition to using our oil wealth in Iraq and transferring it to our airlines until every airplane that flies within the US is properly armed with this life-saving technology.

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