• Justin Bieber Featuring Rapper Ice Cube, Somebody To Love Music Video

    August 5, 2010 9:08 pm 8 comments
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  • Rapper Ice Cube poses with young ‘singer’ Justin Bieber, as they prepare to produce new videos and tempt more children into sin.

    Now the black rapper Iced Cube is recruiting innocent children in efforts to peddle off classic songs and try to pretend like he created it himself. Rappers often fall into this habit called ‘sampling’, which they continually try to convince us more astute pros in the music industry that it is a real form of music.

    Sampling is as much a musical style as plagiarized lip synching. It is just a deception where fake talents use lights, slights of hands and camera tricks to distract the audience from one main fact: they did not create anything and have no talent.

    Iced Cube is also sinning here because he’s using the potentially innocent to sing a song about ‘love’.

    The love in this song is the type that is supposed to happen between man and wife, so why is Justin Bieber being used to sing this song to teenage girls, who should be focused on playing with their Barbies and curfew sleepovers.

    My review of this song is 3/10, with a moral rating of S for Sinister for-
    (promotes fornication, teenager exploitation, suggestive dances, lack of talent, Chinese strippers, terrorist dancers)

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