• Lady Gaga Crowd Surfs In This…

    August 9, 2010 5:05 pm 14 comments
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    Behold, sin!

    No warning! When you let your children go see Lady Gaga in concert, this is what they get. This is what goes on! They can touch the fake vajazzles and even his faux milksacks sticking out for all to get a good look and handful! Corruption! ~

    Parents, I keep warning you about Lady Gaga and many of you obviously continue to let your children buy his music.

    I warns you time and time again: orgy whores, Satan, disease, death. Gang drug violence. All of these things will creep into your child’s life if you let them listen to Lady Gaga.

    I know you ignorant parents are not doing your jobs, because this guy keeps selling cds. Lady Gaga now has sold 50 million albums worldwide and now even on America’s Got Talent, has a new follower named “Prince Poppycock” who has a dangerously talented voice and is getting fans on the show!

    This is all the fault of you parents promoting this Lady Gaga culture, and know what along with all the sinner gays, fornicators, adulterers and murders, you will be in Hell roasting upon Satan’s serpert spit! Why?

    Because you allowed the innocent to be corrupted. It is the duty of all to protect the children, and what worse thing than to let them fall into the Hollywood culture of decadence.

    I do not apologie for my shock tactics and revealing that sin image to you. You can see a live concert fingling session in that image and imagine, you let your teenage son and daughter go there. It starts off getting a grip on the exposed thigh or perhaps even sweaty sin treats of Lady Gaga, and it ends years later covered in Satan’s milk in a back alley of New York, dieing of herpies or AIDs, drug addled body not even more than 80 pounds wet. It will be your fault your child died like that, parents.

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