• Lady Gaga Speaks on Arizona Immigration Law

    August 2, 2010 12:39 pm 8 comments
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  • It is clear now that transgenic Lady Gaga is for illegal Mexicans in America. I know I sadly cannot get Gaga thrown out on suspcions of being a man her but I know it is treason to outright support illegals in our country.

    The name of this country is The United States of America. There is a law that allows only those born here to be American, and you can lose that right for supporting terror or even worse communists. You can lose that right for opening your mouth during a time of war and speaking out against our laws, such as the Immigration Law that allows for us throw out any suspected Mexican.

    Lady Gaga is clearly not educated on this subject and should just stick to making music, as this is a political subject and best left to apt minds and those who care about the status of America as a first-world country and one nation under God, a nation that trusts in God. That is the power of our money and economy: God.

    People ask why America is failing and it is because we let these loud-mouth, big stage celebrities spout all this commie-pinko nonsense about free healthcare and letting herds of Mexicans just roam from wherever they please to our country, without letting us put them back out to pasture and saying no to becoming socialist.

    Lady Gaga is living a life of sin with producing devil music to entice children to think it’s okay to be a fornicator, a gender switcher or even worse, a true dabble-down lesbian. Please loudly “boo” the following video as you watch it, especially if with your wife and kids. When your children ask why you are booing, inform them of how it is American to “boo” losers who have no clue and should just get out. Then tell them to start booing this Gaga and anyone else who denies our American right until they are gone and shut their mouths.

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