• Lady Gaga Telephone Leads Another Child into Gay Temptation

    August 17, 2010 3:44 pm 37 comments
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  • My fellow comrades, I bring great warning to you today. Today as I perused the website YouTube.com, I came upon a most dire video. This video clip shows definitive proof of Lady Gaga using Satan’s chief vice, music, to make children emulate a gay lifestyle and habit.

    In this video, you will hear a song named “Telephone”. This song is about a being tempted to go out dancing with a group of people, then letting the gyrating actions that take place on a dance floor go back home into the confines of a bedroom, sans clothing.

    Such a song is a terrible thing for children to hear. Lady Gaga goes further by using this song as a part of the homosexual’s gay agenda. She wants young boys to hear this song and dance around like a provocative show dancer in Vegas.

    Liberal parents will fall into the trap of being part of Lady Gaga’s defense, stating that young boys would never rub their chests or suggestively pump their hands, emulating an aerial act of masturbation, yet in the following video we see this is exactly what happens after a child listen’s to Lady Gaga performing the song Telephone.

    Satan is a great evil and has an unlimited phone plan and wants to have every child’s number on his phone list. It is no coincidence that Lady Gaga’s number one song is Telephone and she always pushes this song to children, so they will be tempted to let Satan call them up and trick them into a perverted lifestyle.

    The shape-shifter Lady Gaga is poison for the mind and soul. Let us now watch and see how she is murked the mind of this precious child.

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