• Liberal Hollywood Releases “Twilight for Guys”

    August 2, 2010 1:21 pm 3 comments
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    Since most normal guys are not into vampires who glimmer in a early autumn’s morning sunlight and gay love stories about mythological vampires and emo high school girls, the sly producers in Hollywood have released what they call “Twilight for Guys”.

    I really do dislike Hollywood and cannot wait for each and everyone of these people to get a taste of Satan’s warmed lava delight. It burns worse than every pepper on Earth combined and is exactly what they deserve for eternity, for creating movies like this to entice men to watch, with promises of war violence, beautiful women and underwear lesbians.

    Hollywood knows that sexual attraction can inspire fornicated thoughts to enter a man’s mind, so whenever they pull at the multiple women in undewear card, that is excatly what they are going for and that’s what we see here.

    The film’s producers have taken Twilight and made all the characters lesbians. There are lesbian vampires, much more attractive than Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian vampire girl, and also lesbian she-wolves who frolic around, play fight and then have lesbian make-out sessions.

    This new “Twilight for Guys” is just disgusting and the makers of it had the audacity to email me a clip of their film, knowing it would upset me and it did. The email title said, ‘This Will Entice Sin and Send Watchers to Hell from Temptation of ‘M'”, and they used the full word for M in the title.

    I am sickened and bet this video is already making rounds, and when it is released by these sickods, could reach millions. So we need to get the word out right now that “Twight for Guys” is a dangerous, sick film about lesbian vampire sex and throw in she-wolves and emo girls too. This is disgusting and we will organize a boycott once we have more information.Warning: The following video contains vampires and lesbians. Pray and then immediately order any women/children to leave the room and close the door while reviewing for your local movie review council/parenting group.

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