• Mars Moon. Two Moons. Huge Mars. Satan Mars.

    August 27, 2010 5:52 pm 11 comments
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  • Mars. Ares of ancient lore. The “god” of war.

    In ancient Rome, Satan’s chief liutenant — Mars — was worshipped as a God of the pantheon. The sin enabled Greeks started this tradition, by worshipping Mars under a different name: Ares.

    If we take a look at the etymology of this word, Ares, we see that it literally means “ram” or “bull”, meaning this is none other than of “Ba’al”, the chief fale god of the Old Testament, rearing his ugly head once more.

    It is a sad and sick shame that today we still have the monument planet Mars floating in the sky. If I had the power, I would throw all unwanted sinners on the red planet and then rail gun it straight into the Sun, where it would burn forever like it deserves.

    Tonight, astronomers and amateur star-gazers have stoked their excitement, as Mars is slated for a close pass. Some pagan priests in America are teaching there will be ‘two moons in the sky tonight’. Others are dancing naked in their bizarre atheist rituals, saying it will summon the “Mars Moon” or even “Huge Mars”. I say poppycock hogwash, for all they are doing is entertaining Satan with their naked dangle dances and then in excited glee, think he will display his favorite planet.

    What’s going on here is simple, folks, and it is not Satan’s power. NASA proves this is all a lie. He’s just claiming a natural phenomena as its own and its sad so many atheists fall for this claptrap folklore.

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