• Marvel Ultimate Spider-man #15 Comic Has New Gay Agenda

    August 4, 2010 3:27 pm 22 comments
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  • This is just getting old. You all know, comics are used to try to make children think ‘happiness and smiles’ occur when they are approached with gay agenda acts, but really it is a world of darkness and sin.

    Comics have long been used to convert people into making the wrong choice in life. Comics are a tool of the liberal homogay agenda that is destroying this nation. Comics are dangerous because they reach into the lives and imaginations of your children.

    We’ve already revealed countless examples of comics being used for gay agenda:
    More Proof of Marvel Comics and DC Comics Promote Homa Gay Agenda (DC “Comics”, Marvel “Comics”)
    Marvel Promotes Gay Agenda with New Wolverine Toy (Marvel “Comics”)
    Homo Gay Agenda Uses Comic Movie To Encourage Homosexual Activities (Marvel “Comics”)
    Watchmen Video Game Promotes Homogay and Violence (Marvel “Comics”)
    Wonder Woman Animated DVD (promotes feminism) (DC “Comics”)

    These are only the tip of the iceberg.

    Now today we find a new Spiderman comic that is, surprise surprise, supporting the gay agenda. On this cover we can see what looks like two sin dabblers joining together for an illegal kiss on the cover. This is done so kids will subliminally think that it is normal for two mans to kiss when really, it is ground for being sent to hell to burn with Satan for all time.Warning: The following image is gay comicbook Marvel Spiderman agenda. Demand your wife and children leave the room before reviewing then pray for the souls of children/comic book nerds who are falling under this images subliminal influence.

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