• Mexican Illegals Cause American Salmonella Outbreak

    August 20, 2010 10:00 am 24 comments
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    Mexican Illegals Cause American Salmonella Outbreak In Kansas
    Abe Goodman and Kami Yokoshima reporting
    Even as you read this, thousands of Americans desperately flock their local hospitals. Countless reports details how the Mexican salmonella virus has now afflicted over 338 million people.

    This new Mexican salmonella super-bacteria is twenty times more deadly than the Mexican swine flu that killed thousands last winter. It has already caused massive catostrophe in the states of California, Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Kansas, Montana, Iowa, Texas, New York and even Florida!

    It is no coincidence that all of these states also experience a 23% net increase in Mexican population. The Mexicans are germy because since they are here illegally, they can’t buy things like water and soap. They live in recluse homes and work in places like lettuce yards and chicken coops, where they have direct access to the very food that feeds our nation.

    Now, even our fine stores such as Albertsons, Ralph’s, The Dillions, Wal-Mart and Sooper Coopers are all plagued! It is worse than licking a toilet in a seedy Tijuana stripper bar after 2 am showdown! Mexican whore disease devil of the mouth and belly! It is worse than that!

    My friends, I am so scared. Eggs go into everything: mash potatoers, chickens, beans, baked beans, refried beans, soups, cereal, cakes, pies, cookies, browniers, hashers, rotuckey, am McDonalds breakfast and even some Japanese delights that Kami working here says she eats.

    This is more proof why we must throw all the Mexicans out of our country. They think they can sneak in here and steal our way of life and then give us their illnesses! I am so angry right now!

    As we watch this horror unfold, thousands of Americans, some as young as only 3-years-old, suffer and die just because they wanted a nice pickeled-egg-sandwich with a topping of mayo on rye bread, with perhaps a side of slaw, in their first day of school lunch. But Mexicans ruined it all and now our children are dead from Salmonella!

    Salmonella is more deadly than AIDs and herpies combined! Then add Swine Flu recombinance in there and it is Mexican apocalypse!

    America now falls down with a disease that not even Montezuma could call his own. I am so angered and riled. Angry! I want all Mexicans out and it is my Constitutional right to kick them all out GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY SALMONELLA MONGERS!

    My fellow comrads, my good friend Abe has made a very dire and necessary point! The Mexicans must leave the great and free country of the United States! It is imperative that these filthy scoundrels be banished and forced to stay in their own lands. They are not wanted nor are they needed here. They are like vomit spreading throughout the clear streams of America. They are poisoning us with their nonsense language and filthy living habits! They are the truest and most spot-on definition of “filth” there is! They have tried to take over this country long enough and now they strike us forth with their Salmonella attack! They must be stopped!

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