• Mexican Swine Flu Is Still A Zombie Threat, More Proof

    August 8, 2010 5:25 pm 14 comments
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    For months now the scientific community has convinced us that swine flu season was over. Yet, by the confession of Mexico itself, the flu remains!

    You see my friends, flu virii can lay dormant. Within the Mexican genome and others who were infected, the virus did not manifest, but instead, just hid withen the, alleles, of those infected but now is starting to raise itself to kill us all again!

    You all know the symptoms: taco-scent sweat, bugged out glossy eyes, a lax tongue, smelly bowels and wretching of the guts. It is just like a weekend in Mexico after drinking the agua mala, that is, bad water in American. You get the same symptoms but with swine flu, there is no return and odds are you will die!

    The sick think about this flu is just as our dogma warns that during Armegeddon, once again that dead shall rise and you can tell this will have some play during those times. It is just a taste of the end of days.

    We already saw the Mexican zombie flu raises black rapper “Tupac” from the dead, and countless other examples from here in America. Now even the AP confirms our initial suspicions with this headline from today: Behold and Fear!

    The truth is that there was nothing wrong with that Mexican doctor. His third world knowledge did not let him know he was dealing with swine flu, and this story is just the tip of the iceberg. Fall rolls in and then winter! It will be all the same again and I suggest you all go to Walmart to stock up on supplies, I’m telling you.

    Canned beans, corn meal and salt with bacon. Water and more water. All the flue medicine you can get and material to seal of your home again because the zombie flu is back and badder than ever before. You all just saw the headline so beware!

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