• Michelle Obama Makes Fun of Middle Class America, Takes $375,000 Vacation

    August 6, 2010 7:29 pm 10 comments
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    Michelle Obama Takes

     $375,000 Vacation

    Michelle Obama is supposed to be the First Lady of America: charitable, of kind heart, of proper tastes and habits. Time and time again, we have seen Michelle Obama is none of these things.

    Only months ago, we saw Michelle Obama dare touch the Queen of England with dirty hands, then only days later made fun of homeless people by wearing $500 shoes to a soup kitchen.

    We’ve seen her dress in short skirts, daisy dukes shorts and even a string bikini as she grinded upon her date during her high school ‘prom’ picture. How can one of such low morals besmirch the office of First Lady any more? Simple: show contempt and distaste for every hard working America.

    Michelle Obama is a modern day Marie Antoinette. Michelle Obama wants to have her cake and eat it too. She tries to play the ‘from the slums’ card, but in reality is a liberal elite with a Harvard education, and likes to take $375,000 vacations as America suffers. Yes, a $375,000 vacation, with your money.

    Shock in Spain
    Michelle Obama is a temptress and a deceiver. This weekend, Michelle Obama secretly boarded 40 of her friends upon a private jet and flew to Spain.

    Unbeknownst to the America people, Michelle Obama made arrangements with the Spanish government to have closed off one of the most popular beaches in Spain. Shocked beach-goers were shuttled off to the side as Michelle Obama and her friends showed up, under heavy protection of American and Spanish security details.

    As her friends frolicked, journalists managed to catch pictures of Michelle Obama eyeing up male beach-goers and living a lavish lifestyle of a pampered queen. The cost to the American taxpayer for each day of her vaction: $75,000.

    Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama struts through Granada, Spain, with daughters and her 40 friends.  Michelle Obama also ordered a detail of 70 private security to protect herself and her daughters during their extravagant vacation.  Over 97,000 Americans lost their jobs this past week.

    As if this were not enough, Michelle is immediately flying to Los Angeles, and then the post Martha’s Vineyard, for a ten-day-vacation, as soon as she leaves Spain.

    A rightfully outraged White House Press Corps fired questions at Press Secretary Robin Gibbs.  Members of the conservative press pounded Gibbs, demanding to know why Michelle Obama is taking these expensive trips in the midst of America’s financial woes.  Why is Michelle spending our tax-money in such a hateful way, showing no respect to the sacrifice and struggles of everyday Americans.

    Gibbs spoke on behalf of the Obama family with this paraphrased answer: “Michelle Obama is a private citizen, is the mother of a daughter on a private trip and can take vacations whenever she wants.  She can spend [your taxmoney] however she pleases and I think I would just leave it at that.”


    Michelle Obama at the Alhambra

    Michelle and Sasha Obama visit luxurious Alhambara Palace, while this year alone, over 20 million American children are without health insurance.  Over 56,000 Americans lost their homes last month while our public schools suffer and cannot afford new textbooks or a full lunch for students.

    Michelle Obama at the Alhambra

    Criticism: The First Lady has been attacked for taking such a lavish and high profile trip at a time of economic difficulty

    Our friend and columnist Tantaros wrote to us yesterday about this trip: ‘To be clear, what the Obamas do with their money is one thing; what they do with ours is another. Transporting and housing
    the estimated 70 Secret Service agents who will flank the material girl will cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.’


    Barack Obama consistently speaks out against ‘the rich’ business leaders who exploit America, yet Michelle takes the most glitzy, glamourized and high profile vacation at the expense of the American people. Michelle Obama has 70 elite Secret Service members with her, which is not cheap.

    Michelle’s entourage has 40 friends, all having their trip paid for as well. They are staying at an exclusive hotel, eating meals such as lobster with steamed oysters and rice, all while shopping at the most expensive shops in Spain. Michelle even spent $300 on two knit tops, and spend substantial time in a silver shop, coming out with a business card and several order sheets.

    As all of these crimes against decency were not enough, Obama is traveling through Spain in a 14-car-motorcade, living a life of pomp and circumstance that most middle-class mother’s can hardly afford to have the time to dream about, but with the new school-year coming up, will be happy to know Michelle Obama’s vacation is cutting directly into school budgets nationwide.

    Beachside Shock

    Armed police threaten beach-goers at gunpoint, demanding they move away from the area where they were relaxing, so Michelle Obama’s daughters could go for a private swim.

    The Obama family continues irresponsible spending from top to bottom. Barack Obama spends billions on endeavors that do not approve the economy. Michelle Obama jets around the world with all of her best friends, taking the most expensive vacations and charging the bill to my bank account and yours as well.

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