• Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Wins Miss Universe Pageant in USA

    August 24, 2010 9:09 am 16 comments
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  • Last night, the skin-show known as Miss Universe aired natinowide.  For those not familiar with these pageants, they are basically a two-hour long affair that have women parade around in a variety of outfits, in a variety of songs, while the audience gawks and points.

    Sometimes they have the contestants show their ‘talent’ by dancing or singing, or some sort of other novelty act, then pretend that they are also smart by asking them one of 100 potential questions, all pre-planned.  The women in the pageant then do their best to regurgitate very generic answers.

    This year in America, we face a crisis.  We have a socialist in our White House.  Our allies have all but betrayed us and left us alone to right the war on terror.  And pay the bill for doing so, with our American dollars and the lives of our brave men and women.

    Around every corner, burgeoning nations of the former Soviet Russian Empire and terror regimes alike vow to destroy America, their hearts filled with jealousy of our God given freedoms.  China, the land of Sinim of ancient prophecy, has bought American debt and soon, just as prophesied in scripture, will wage a war against America, the likes of which the world has never seen and forcing America to use an ultimate weapon, sending China to a very dark place.

    The days of hardship and grave responsibility are near, and to add an ultimate threat to America, our land is overrun with illegal Mexicans, like never before.  Analysts predict one thing that is worst of anything imaginable:  by 2050, Mexicans will be the predominant racial group in America.  Most of them will be illegal.

    For this reason, we must be vigilant.  There are some things we cannot prevent, such as our inevitable war with China, where we will have to wipe them out with arms mightier than nuclear bombs.  We can, however, implement devices to insure we do whatever it takes to keep America pure and clean of illegal infestation.

    America’s woes all take origin with illegal Mexicans, from the tragedy of the Alamo, the struggles of California’s economy to the current economic crisis.  It was also sneaking Mexican who were responsible for the tragedy of World War 1, and therefore, World War 2.  Against the Monroe Doctrine, Mexicans conspired to sneak into America and betray us, in the name of Germany.  The Mexican’s ultimate scheme to claim America as their own was revealed by our questionable allies, the redcoat British, in a document called the Zimmerman telegram.

    With all of these forces at play, how sad and obviously intentional that this pure Mexican, Jimena Navarrete, was able to walk into America and be crowned the most beautiful, talented woman in the universe, when in reality her ‘talents’ were mediocre and her looks as bland as 4 p.m. pot of coffee at the office.

    America, we need to wake up.  The judges and country’s behind this years Miss Universe pageant intentionally let this woman win, as a warning to America.  The world will do whatever it takes to ruin our lives, from helping illegals think of new ways to sneak here and insult us, to aiding terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The world is showing its true colors, and once again, just like in World War 2, it will be America, standing alone, who will eventually have to make the ultimate sacrifice to set everything straight once more.

    We are truly living in a course, unsaved world, where even the Miss Universe pageant has somehow grown more corrupt, but letting Miss Mexico win, just to make a political statement to all Americans.

    Here is video of this tragedy and insult, take heart.

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