• Moral Alert: Home Depot Offends Christians By Embracing Pro-Gay, Undemocratic Bigotry

    August 21, 2010 7:18 am 12 comments
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  • From our friends and colleagues at the AFA, this harrowing story:

    Employee wearing patriotic button is fired. Employees wearing pro-homosexual buttons praised.

    August 9, 2010 

    The Home Depot fired a employee for refusing to remove a “One nation under God” patriotic button from his work apron. Trevor Keezor, a Christian, said he wore the button to support his country and his 27-year-old brother, who serves in the military in Iraq (story and video here). 

    Pro-gay messages are A-OK, but patriotic messages will get you fired at The Home DepotDozens of homosexual employees participated in Home Depot-sponsored gay pride parades and festivals. Many employees wore numerous buttons on their aprons promoting homosexuality. The Home Depot defended them by saying homosexual employees will not be prohibited “in any way” when it comes to what they do and wear. The picture here shows employees who decorated their aprons for a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in Seattle, Washington. 

    So…if you wear a “One Nation Under God” button, you will be fired. If you wear a “gay” button, you get company praise. 

    Take Action Now 

    Sign the Boycott Pledge now! 

    1. Sign the Boycott Pledge at
    2. Call your local store manager.
    Let the manager know that you will not be shopping at The Home Depot until the company stops supporting the homosexual agenda. You can find the number here. (click “Store Finder”).
    3. Print the paper petition and distribute it at Sunday School and church.
    4. Extremely important! Post this alert to your facebook page (link above) and encourage others to join the boycott!

    The gay agenda is now more widespread than ever before. It is one thing for companies such as Pepsi and McDonald’s to be corrupted by the gays and their endless quest to seem normal, but to have our very own bastions of morality and American male pride — the hardware store — corrupted by gays is patently frightening.

    Hardware stores are for solid men. We buy homes. We work hard. We love our families. And we like to build.

    Gays desire none of these things, so why must they take their agenda into a hardware store. Let’s be real. How many gays do you think would want to honestly do hard yard work on a Saturday or undertake a massive construction party. By nature, these people of whimsy and without good moral character of hard work. They are feminine.

    That is just their nature and not meant to be offensive. Sure, there may be outliers to the norm, but the majority of gays have no desire to even go into a hardware store other than start trouble or peak around the gardening section. Whatever the case, it is the right of every American to wear such shirts.

    Blocking our right to wear buttons that embrace our nation’s Christian heritage is against the Constitution. It is religious oppression, one the the things that our country and God is against. Join today and let’s set this straight, and help Home Depot get on the right track once more.

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