• NASA Reveals New Space Robot, Robonaut 2 (R2)

    August 22, 2010 5:08 pm 7 comments
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  • Houston, TX – Today in a televised press interview, NASA revealed the newest addition to America’s space-fleet, the Robonaut 2 space marine.

    The Robonaut 2, called R2 for short, is designed to be America’s newest generation of space explorer. The robot uses advanced LED/MIG technology, making its AI at least 100x more advanced than the cutting edge Japanese robots.

    In addition to exploring the lunar surface of America’s moon and that of our new colony of Mars, this space robot will be armed with the ability to destroy aggressive foreign space vehicles with mounted laser technology. Its AI will also allow it to improvise, so as to allow it to solve new problems it may encounter on a mission.

    Its tough alloy ‘skin’ is designed so that if necessary, the robot can give itself the necessary trajectory to ‘float’ through space should it need to evacuate a space vehicle, the reenter the atmosphere of Earth in a calculated descent within the United States.

    This spectacular robot was given the go-ahead by United States President George W. Bush, in his challenge to America to ‘reach to the moon and beyond’ in our new quest to Mars. Obama has cut all funding to this program, using all of NASA’s funding to give aide to Hamas terrorists in Palestine.

    NASA’s R2 generation model will likely be the last in production, until and if a Republican president is elected in 2012 and allows this program to continue to the next generation of AI-space robots for America’s future.

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