• New Amy Winehouse Drunk Pictures

    August 4, 2010 2:07 pm 4 comments
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  • Today I am showing parents more proof of why they must ban new secular music arists from their house. I’ve already shown today Katy Perry Topless in Rolling Stone Cover, blasphemes by trying to convince all of our daughters into lesbians acts with mouth kisses and juggling her milksacks.

    Now as if that were not enough, another teeny idol named Amy Winehouse is also acting up today. After partying all night, this Amy Winehouse was allegedly found passed on on a random apartment stoop, on a British Street.

    There you have the picture proof right up above, clear as day and she is out cold.

    My friends, alcohol is a dangerous disease that can grip the lives of any teen and cause them to fall into dependence, poor life choices, ideation for self harm and diseased such as cirrhosis and worse. Please, if you think your teen may suffer from alcoholism, consult a professional for a mental health screen and also talk to a doctor who recognizes the danger beer and whiskeys pose to your loved one’s life.

    That said, this Amy Winehouse is a very poor role model. She does drugs and goes on these binges, and then wants your children to celebrate her music. This will only lead them to do the same thing, and if you do not want your daughter to turn up passed out and drunk at 3am on some crack dealers porch, you should go to her campus today and do an unannounced inspection of her computer and room to see if you see:
    1) Amy Winehouse cds
    2) Preg kids
    3) Drug picutures/proof (also check Facebook/Twitters/Myspace and so on and demand she signs into these in front of you, or yank her tuition for non-compliance)
    4) Check her C:\\ My Computer/My Documents/Music folder and do a Search function on there for Amy Whinehouse, and for that matter, just search through all .MP3 files and then that way, you can just pick and choose which songs are suspicious and then delete them to recycle bin, then when you are done, empty the recycle bin.
    5) Ask for her roomates parents phone number so they can drive/fly in and do the same.
    6) Talk to her and remind her about all the dangers of drugs, premaritals, lesbians and other temptations that she will face and not letting Satanic Winehouse music/lifestyle be an influence.

    This is all necessary because Amy Winehouse is popular in the college scene and these kids sometimes mistake Winehouse’s deviance as a symbol of independence, when it is really just a lifestyle that leads to getting attacked while passed out by gangs of crack dealers or even worse, disease, prostitution and then death.

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