• North Korea Launches Facebook Page, Is Gay, And Has Only 67 Friends

    August 21, 2010 7:03 am 9 comments
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    North Korean Dictator Kim Jong IL works with cultural ministry to create profiles on social media sites, in this government still photo-op.

    Sworn enemy against decency and democracy, North Korea, now has a Facebook page. We have added North Korea as a Facebook friend and hope to soon be included in their ‘friends’ list so we can condemn them, directly.

    According to the Associated Press, the North Korean government apparently set up this official Facebook Page, along with accounts on YouTube and Twitter, as part of a ‘public relations’ war with South Korea.

    The odd thing about North Korea’s account is that the country lists itself as “gay”, revealing much about the tidy repressed and hellbound nation.

    North Korea set this page up under the name “uriminzokkiri”, which in North Korean means, “moving forward on our own as a nation”. The South Korean government issued a press release today, stating it has blocked access to North Korea on all three social media sites.

    North Korea has outed itself as a gay nation, which means that if true and not an error on their part, they are even more hellbound than speculated by numerous experts.

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