• Obama Supports Terror Mosque In New York

    August 15, 2010 2:47 pm 56 comments
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  • Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. Obama was born in Indonesia among the myriad terror babies, the new threat against America. So it comes as no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama is supporting terrorists by backing the Islam terror center mosque in New York.

    On 9/11, Muslims worldwide cheered because they killed innocent Americans. For every tear an American child wept, an Akbar celebrated and shot an AK-47 rifle syward in joy. Barack Hussein Obama smiled and looked smug, just like today when he announced his support for the Muslim Terror Headquarters at Ground Zero.

    Obama is not an American. His people did not fight to free this country from British tyranny and chase the pagans off of this God-ordained land of Manifest Destiny for all proper land-owning Americans. This land is not made for Obama’s type, the terrorists. And as Americans, we forbid the Islam terror nations from building on our soil.

    If they even try, I will encourage us all to put a real man in office, Jeb Bush. Under the third President Bush, we will bomb the terrorists until they don’t move no more! We will bomb them all dead and then burn down their mosque! It worked before and it will work again.

    We shall overcome, amen.

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