• Perez Hilton’s Secret Stuggle With Christianity (and Homosexuality)

    August 22, 2010 8:01 pm 47 comments
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    Recently, homosexual internet personality Perez Hilton posted a bigoted rant about Christianity and this website in particular on his popular gossip blog. His loyal fans, most of whom are heterosexual women, were quick to condemn his crude and biased attack. Fearing further confrontation from those in the Christian and conservative communities, Mr. Hilton backed down in a matter of hours and the item was permanently deleted.

    For all his success, this incident reveals much about the seething contradictions still burning inside the person known as Perez Hilton. It also shows how a troubled young man’s uncensored internet posts can cause true damage to people of faith. It is a stark reminder that parents need to be aware of the dangers this blogger poses and to protect their children accordingly. As we are reminded by Exodus 23:1, “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness.”

    Hilton was born Mario Armando Lavandeira in a solid Catholic household to parents who had entered the United States from Cuba in order to secure their child US citizenship. At an early age, he abandoned the foundations of his faith to embrace a radical lifestyle choice and the eruption of hardcore sex and drug experimentation (including alleged crystal meth use) that goes along with it. This is also when changed his name due to the dramatic shame he harbored for his Hispanic and Christian heritage. Choosing a female celebrity’s name underscored his interest in the transvestitism so common in gay culture. Never does a verse like Proverbs 19:13 ring more true: “A foolish son is his father’s ruin, and a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping.”

    stephenson billings on perez hilton

    Desperate for some solid direction in his life, the newly minted “Hilton” sought comfort in the worship of celebrity culture, so seemingly beyond him due to his unhealthy mental state and obese body. He started up a crudely designed website that promoted his own narcissistic personality above all else. His site is essentially the gossip blog Gawker plagiarized and dumbed down for a more simple-minded and sexually adventurous audience. Along the way, he has been sued for his thefts, lies and for disseminating child pornography. Rumors of him trading positive coverage for sex and party invites only make him more despicable to those who safeguard the future of this country. He has been discredited for his incredibly poor reporting skills and roundly criticized for promoting a radical homosexual agenda to young children.

    His Catholic childhood and his struggles with homosexuality burst on the national scene during the Miss America Pageant in 2009. In that year, he publicly harassed Miss California Carrie Prejean for her stance on Constitutionally protected marriage, a view that the majority of California voters wholeheartedly supported. As J. Matt Barber wrote in a widely distributed column:

    “The media’s fabricated flap over Prejean’s answer – a public defense of legitimate marriage – has a reasonable America scratching its collective noggin in stunned disbelief. Not because of the answer she gave Perez – which was both well received by the pageant audience and overwhelmingly shared by about 70 percent of Americans – but, rather, because of Hilton’s hate-filled, misogynistic response to her answer and the disgraceful, knee-jerk defense of that response by liberals in Hollywood, the media and organized homosexuality.” “The Foul Face of ‘Gay’ Activism”

    Inserting himself in an often violent fight for the decency of America, Mr. Hilton soon realized that the gossipy spotlight was on him. He wasted no time denouncing the successful and respected Miss America Pageant in every possible way, in front of every news camera that would have him. He publicly demeaned the Christian faith and the mainstream media gave him free, uncensored publicity for his disdain of religion and family values. Of course, Perez did this knowing that open bigotry and hate would translate into more page views for his website.

    The incredibly selfish attempt to make money from scandal was seen recently when Perez photographed underage musician Miley Cyrus naked and ran her unedited photos on his website. The local police and the FBI got involved though, under pressure from Hollywood execs, charges were never filed. As is seen again and again with this homosexual blogger, he has no shame about making every controversy about him, even if it puts a child’s life at risk. This curse of vanity has made him evermore shrill and outrageous over the years, with his hair colors changing and his piercings and tattoos and the flamboyant outfits he employs to cover his ever-expanding body.

    stephenson billings on perez hilton

    In essence, Perez simply refuses to grow up and act like a man. He lives in the mediocre world of television fantasy, like a daydreaming housewife who imagines the men on soap operas as her lovers. He is more dangerous, however, precisely because the children of the internet have given him a soapbox. And from that pedestal, he spreads the idea that sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, hardcore drugs and consumer indulgence are acceptable for young people. He is putting our youth generation in harm’s way each and every day by exposing them to the most wretched of Hollywood celebrities. Sarcasm, demeaning chatter and outright lies are his tools.

    For Christians, reading this man’s blog is an indefensible act. We, as a community of faith, need to stop this sort of garbage in its path. Today, please write to his advertisers, condemn sites that promote him and refuse to patronize celebrities who submit to his slimy touch.

    As this man ages, one must wonder what comes next. Can a person like Perez Hilton grow into adulthood without crashing and burning? How could a 40 or 50 year-old man righteously live a life drawing cartoons on wire image photos and distributing them to young teens without their parent’s permission? Should families not be worried by the continued effort this affirmed homosexual has made to insert himself into the lives of young boys whom he connects to on a daily basis via the internet? For many adults, this would sound like a horrific scandal simply waiting to happen. The story has been played out so many times before, it is rather shameful for people to knowingly let this dangerous situation continue.


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