• Perseid Meteor Shower 2010, More than Just a Light Show

    August 12, 2010 7:44 pm 5 comments
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  • The glorious Perseid meteor shower 2010 will soon luminate our night sky. While this Friday’s display will dazzle and wow spectators, scientists are also gearing up and pulling out complex instruments to ‘enjoy’ this show in a very special way.

    The Perseid Shower, with is predictability, provides scientists are great way to observe objects entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to the unique chemical composition that takes place on the meteors, scientists predict the chemical reactions that will take place on the surface of the meteors, then see how the Earth’s atmospheric conditions influence the expected reactions.

    By this process, we can improve the surface of spacecraft. Scientists use meteor entry as a model for creating and improving the surface of space vehicles, to decrease burn-up and heat-absorption on entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

    There is also a new meteor tracking technology that scientists, such as Dr. Brown and a team of colleagues, will employ to track the meteors on each step of their journey, to within 30 feet, and use extrapolated data to map-out collision point and attempt to ascertain what organic payload may be carried by a meteor, and how much of that payload could make it through atmospheres of various composition.

    The thought is that in creating seeding life on new planets, humanity may one day use probes — based off meteors — to bombard a ripe planet’s surface with the building blocks of life, with a natural origin on Earth. We could load a metero with microbes and start life processes on a planet, and eventually, transport larger organisms. This process of seeding will allow human expansion throughout the star system and eventually the universe.

    While the transport mechanism, aside from many other things, are still far off, we can definitely observe and theorize, which is exactly what will take place during this years Perseid Metero Shower 2010. Don’t miss it!

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