• Playstation Network Down, Throw Out Your Child’s PS3

    August 22, 2010 1:31 pm 35 comments
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  • Today, you may hear your child cry and whinge because “The Playstation Network is down”. What they are referring to is a dangerous interconnected system of devices that allows them to communicate with other adults, fully grown men, to play various fantasy games on their game simulation system called Playstation 3.

    These new systems are of Satan. They call it ‘3’ because when you play with your friend online, it is 3 x 2. That equals 6. Three sixes is Satan and it is from Japan.

    There are dangerous games for the Playstation 666, as it is really called, such as Grand Theft Auto Online. What happens here is that your child can join a street gang: Mexicans, blacks, latinos and even Cubans. They run around in the neighborhood and rob nice women, shoot the police and even fornicate. They can join adults online to do this and it is sick.

    Then there is Metal Gear Solid. This game is about the sick things hookers do downtown. They use solid metal gear to perform fornicated acts of Satan, then try to get your children to join online as if it’s normal. Thank God for people like Jack Thompson who keep us informed of these dangers.

    More games on this network:

    God of War – This game is about worshipping Satan. In ancient Greece and Rome, they called Satan by the name “Mars” or “Aries”. They believed he was a part of an imaginary pantheon of gods who sat on top of a mountain and ruled humanity. This game is sick because it teaches children to worship Satan subliminally under his alternate ancient names.

    True Crime: La Streets – This game is like Grand Theft Auto. You run around in Los Angeles listening to secular gang music, which is already bad enough. What is really bad about it is that the game encourages you to shoot innocent people and even cops, and then gives you reward points for it. If you shoot enough people, the gang rapper Snoop Dog shows up and you can play as him. This game gets your children to think that it is fun and games being a gangster committing “true crimes” of the hood.

    Blood Omen – You can just look at the name of this one and tell it is of Satan. It is about occult rituals and tells children in the handbook: “Now lock your bedroom doors and make sure mom and dad are not home. Invite your friends and your new best friend of all, Satan.” It then goes on to tell children how to summon demons in the home. This game is very dangerous and if your child has it for their Playstation Network, burn it and the game system. You should bless your house with Olive Virgin oil for good measure.

    Halo – This game is deceptive by name alone. You see the name and instantly think of angels. “Oh, what a great game about angels on Earth, helping to convert whore demons and gays into a righteous life and my child gets to play as one. Neat”. This is how the game spiritual warfare was for normal Nintendo and sadly, this game is nothing like it.

    Instead, this game is about fantasy war and violence. After playing this game, studies show that 14% of children under the age of 18 have homicidal ideation and 2% come up with a plan to act out on it. Halo is responsible for school shootings and extracurricular shootings, and is even linked to teen pregnancy.

    These games don’t even describe the dangers of how like Facebook, the Playstation Network puts your child in touch with millions of strangers, of whom many are potential criminals (murderers, gays, snatchers and so on).

    So now that the Playstation Network is down, make sure you have it be down and out. You are scared and want the best for your child, so just get rid of the Playstation “3”. They will whinge and say it’s not fair, but you just tell them it’s also not fair if they end up in the electric chair because Halo made them kill someone, or even worse, a stranger tricked them into meeting him ‘at the mall’ and then did horrible things to them and then you weep as they show up deads on the 5 o’clock news.

    Just watch the news this week and eventually you’ll see some people involved in shootings or missing, and just think, these dangerous gaming networks could be involved. Fix it, parents. Don’t let you and your own become victims of you not making the right choice.

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