• Princeton Review Lists Top 20 Most Dangerous Party Schools

    August 2, 2010 5:37 pm 31 comments
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  • Only months ago our good friend Derek Van Buren warned parents about vajazzling, the newest threat to your college son. As a parent of two college-aged sons, one who is at Harvard and the other matriculating to Emory this coming fall, the article was hard-hitting and a real eye-opener.

    We send our children off to school to make a mark on the world, and learn that while at school, not everyone is there for the same reasons as our precious kids. Some kids go to school to be little partying whoredevils and others to embibe in ridiculous amounts of alcohol or gang violence parties with the basketball team, the players who likely come from ‘street’ environments and have not earned their way there, in terms of academics.

    With all this in mind, how great is it to know that Princeton Review makes the job easy for us parents in weeding out the schools who attract the most hellbound students, based upon complex scientific data. Here we have the list of the Most Dangerous College schools, because they are known as ‘party schools’.

    Let us get on to the list. If you see any of these schools on your child’s final selection list, simply X through it. If this is the only school where they were accepted, too bad. They can go work for a year and go apply again next year. It is better than them turning up dead from alcohol poisoning, getting addicted to crack or marijane with the bastetball team.

    •University of Georgia
    •Ohio University
    •Penn State
    •West Virginia University
    •University of Mississippi
    •University of Texas at Austin
    •University of Florida
    •University of California – Santa Barbara
    •University of Iowa
    •DePauw University
    •Florida State University
    •University of Wisconsin – Madison
    •University of Alabama
    •Sewanee – The University of the South
    •Indiana University – Bloomington
    •University of Colorado – Boulder
    •University of Missouri
    •University of Illinois
    •University of Maryland
    •Michigan State University

    Top American Party Schools 2010-2011: Princeton Review Rankings

    I am ashamed to see my alma mater has fallen from its days of prestige when I went there, to number one on the party list. That is the type of work Satan can achieve in a lifetime, even in a moral hub state like Georgia. The people of Atlanta are largely to blame.

    Please post this list on your fridge and review it with your spouse, so that you make it clear that if an acceptance letter comes from any of these dangerous schools, don’t even open it. Throw it away or better yet burn it, for half the students at these sin factories are going to get churned out in the deepest pits of hell.

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