• Prop 8 Stay On Gay Not Lifted

    August 12, 2010 8:30 pm 8 comments
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  • Judge Walker ruled against America. Prop 8 Stay, Gay. That’s what the judge said when he ruled. He wants America to become a land of homosexuals.

    By ruling against Prop 8, making his stay legal, Judge Walker now has made America a modern day Soddom. In California, children will now have to accept gay people as normals.

    No longer will they be taught to not take candy from a gay stranger, because that would be ‘prejudice’.

    Now instead, when a gay inevitably comes up to your child and says, “Little Johnny, now come into my van over there and take off your britches, then I will give you a candy surprise! Close your eyes and wait for it!”

    We will have to teach them that no warning signs should go off. When our kids see two boys kissing and touching thingies at recess, children will have to not report this and accept this common gay behavior as normal. When a man is seen dingling his pet kittens from behind, children will be taught to stop and say, “Oh, neat!” because since it is okay apparently for a man to roger a man, gays can also now roger their pets as they wish.

    This means no more laughing at gays who get their pet rodents stuck in their backsides. No more educating our young about the dangers of unprotected fornication, and how it can lead to diseases such as AIDS, gay bowel syndrome and herpies.

    We can no longer have these things, because Judge Walker ruled against the rule of America. The Proposition 8 Stay rules against God. God could very well just take a Persied 2010 Meteor, heat it up and throw it as a fastball right at the heart of San Francisco, showing his anger with this ruling. But instead, God waits and tarries, for the day shall come when all gays answer to him and slowly burn in Hell for all time.

    Be happy, gays. You’re helping to bring the end to America and California. I will work tirelessly to get this law back where it belongs, and protect our children, our lives and our country from the gay menace. Your work in these efforts is inavaluable too. Let’s join America and take back what’s ours. Let us take it back for the normal people who want a good America. A decent America. A proud America.

    Let’s make America proud, and make a nationwide federal ban on gay marriage.

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