• Queen of the Lesbians

    August 4, 2010 1:40 pm 16 comments
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    The lesbian movement is more powerful and organized than I orginally thought. It turns out they are so organized they have a leader, who they call the Queen of the Lesbians.

    It makes sense there would be a Lesbian Queen, however, as there always has to be someone to give out orders and I’m sure she oversees their agenda and tells them what campaigns to endeavor upon.

    Here we can see the lesbians feature their highness to billions by using the power of YouTube and due to age, you have to wonder of the old Queen of Lesbians died from a lesbian disease or if it was a hostile coup de tat that got the young one into office.

    Whatever the case, I think we should all just beware that the lesbians are very organized these days and we have to keep watch now twice as much to protect our society against their perverse agenda.

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